Monday, July 24, 2006

Things I'm Unpacking...

I have a routine when I travel. I make a list. I pack. And then I unpack part of it after realizing how heavy the suitcase is and that I can do without that second extra pair of slacks. I also remembered that at the two previous conferences I attended, the clothes I put on in the morning were the ones I stayed in all day except for special parties (i.e. the eHarlequin pajama party and the awards ceremony). So tonight I removed two outfits that were for after-hours wear. I also removed a pair of shorts for the trip home after discovering I'd already packed a pair of shorts for the trip home.

I'll still have too much. And I really have to be careful about that heavy suitcase. I have a bad shoulder and am not supposed to lift anything with that arm. Uh... Playfriends... you may have to assist in hoisting it in and out of the car.


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