Saturday, July 08, 2006

Cover Girl

I have another short story in a magazine this month. But instead of telling you what it is, I'll let you guess.

A photograph of the cover is at the end of this blog post. Email me with your guess of which story is mine. Send the email to All correct entries will go into one of my red hats and I'll draw a winner on Monday.

Wanna know what you'll win?

No? Okay then, I won't tell you.

Stop throwing the rotten tomatoes! I'll tell you.

You'll win a copy of the magazine with the title page of my story autographed. I know, I'm shameless. :grin:

Get a friend to guess too (and make sure they tell me in their email that you referred them) and you and your friend's names will go in the hat for a separate drawing for a handmade beaded book thong.

Have a wonderful weekend! What are you doing this weekend by the way? The Playfriends are going en masse to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" on Saturday night.

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Anonymous said...

The husband and I are supposed to go out on a much needed date night. I think it's been about a year since the last date night. Hopefully the babysitter will come through and we will get to go. We might eat at a nice place and then see Pirates of the Caribbean. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!