Friday, July 28, 2006

Halfway There

The conference is halfway over. As you've read, we've had a few tragedies, bloodspillings and wardrobe malfuctions, but overall, the conference is going well. Angel and Instigator both had editor appointments today. I'm pleased to announce that Angel got partial requests on both the books she pitched (yay) and Instigator had a nice long talk with her editor of choice about a very promising future.

Last night, we went to the eHarlequin pajama party. Pretzels and cracker jacks for everyone. I didn't run into many people I knew, of course, I know most of them by a screen name and wouldn't know them if I ran into them (literally). Once again, I was passed over for best pajamas. I still think my Strawberry Shortcake PJs were robbed last year. :)

So far, no one has asked me the dreaded question, of course, because I finally have an answer. That's okay.

We're hoping to have lots of new visitors to the playground soon, as 400 packs of playground crayons have circulated through the RWA community. Most are likely destined for the children of writers, but maybe, just maybe, a few of them will read the sticker or the postcards and drop in. Everyone is welcome! We've also gotten lots of entries for the July contest in our drop box, so if you haven't entered, you'd better, there's lots of competition for this one.

We've also been bombarded with books. Luckily for you good readers, we will be giving lots of them away on the blog soon. I just fear Angel's suburban might die in the process of getting all our crap home. :)

More later. Gotta get glam for tonight's festivities.

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Ana said...

I am glad to hear that everything is going well now that it is halfway over. Nice to hear the great news for Angel and Instigator on their editor appointments.
Hope you all have a fabulous time tonight.