Saturday, July 29, 2006

Motown, HipHop and Disco

That's what we danced to at the Harlequin Party last night. Thanks to the generosity of a wonderful group of women, all the Playfriends were invited to this annual party thrown by Harlequin, who really knows how to party in style. Food galore, a chocolate fountain (yum!), champagne... the works.

We saw so many people, met new friends and danced til midnight. My poor feet are killing me today. And tonight we go to the Rita and Golden Heart awards.

The others will get online eventually and tell you their tales. So far the conference has gone great for me. This was my year to volunteer -- helping with registration, setting up for lunch and moderating a workshop. It was fun, scary and rewarding. I am so grateful to RWA for all it's given me; the least I could do was give back a little time and effort.

I've had lunch with several friends, closed down bars with others (drinking club soda :grin: ) and finally met folks I've "met" online in the past few years.

Have a great weekend! And we'll see you all when we get back home and back on our regular schedule.


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