Thursday, July 20, 2006

Atlanta Surprises

We seem to have a theme on the playground this week. And considering we're all rushing to get ready for Atlanta I don't suppose anyone's really surprised. Who am I to buck tradition?

So far, the playfriends have discussed dos and don'ts for nationals, the literacy signing, and how to handle the panic of preparations. We've mentioned editor/agent appointments, workshops, parties and luncheons. You'd think we'd covered everything by now wouldn't you? But no. There's one thing we forgot to mention.

The little surprises.

And sure, I mean the freebies that are available at every turn: books, toss-aways, trinkets, and gadgets (don't miss the playground surprise in the goody room!). And of course, running into your dream editor in the elevator and having her request your manuscript off a pitch. But there's more.

What about meeting that one author, the one that inspired you to write, the one you've been reading for years, devouring everything she's ever written. How special would that be? Now imagine sitting across the luncheon table from her, discussing her latest book or the newest trend in publishing. You can plan every last second of every day during nationals, and considering how expensive it can be to get there I understand the inclination to do so. But don't. If you do you're liable to miss out on so many opportunities.

Sit at a luncheon table with people you don't know. You never can tell who'll be sitting beside you.

Skip that workshop and get a massage at the spa. That editor you've been stalking just might be waiting for her appointment too.

Take a notebook and sit in the lobby. You never know what character traits you might pick up from the crazy woman or the honeymooning couple checking in at the desk.

Take an afternoon and sightsee. Atlanta is an excellent setting for a book.

There's more to nationals than workshops, pitch appointments, and luncheons (although those things are important). It's easy to get caught up in the rush. Don't let yourself forget to stop for a moment and enjoy the other things this opportunity can offer.


Nationals Bulletin

In addition to giving away some cute promo items, the playground is going to have a contest running in the goodie room at Atlanta - 2 entries for the price of one: Our Sizzling Summer Nights contest going on right now and a special basket of goodies our own Angel is preparing just for Atlanta.

But we wanted to do something special for all of our blog readers. So, we've got a third prize, several autographed Blaze books by Samantha Hunter. All you have to do is write SQUEE on the back of your business card or entry form before you slip it into our contest box and you'll be automatically entered into the running. I'll announce the winner on the blog after we get home.

In addition, the first person to find me in Atlanta, and mention they read this on the blog, gets a hand-made book thong by our very own Playground Monitor.

See you there!


Playground Monitor said...

Two years ago I was a new member of RWA and really didn't know many people even in Heart of Dixie but I did have some online friends there. So I was pretty much on my own at the conference in Dallas. I helped the Desire authors at the lit signing and was introduced to an author from California. The next day at lunch I was apparently looking lost because she came up and asked if I wanted to sit at her table. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Susan Crosby.

This year I'm helping with registration on Wednesday morning (come up and say hi!), lunch set-up on Thursday and I'm moderating Linda Conrad's workshop on Friday. I've come a long way, baby. :grin:

I so agree with Instigator's advice to meet new people and to take a little time to sit back and relax.


Problem Child said...

Let's go!

Hair done--check
Nails done--check
packed everything except the stuff I use everyday--check


Oh, yeah, gotta stock up on food and stuff for the family. Hmmm...

Smarty Pants said...

Ya'll are getting me all excited and I've got 2 days left in Texas. Sigh. Well, I had a fruitless mission at the mall yesterday looking for some faboo shoes, but I ended up ordering a few online. I rush shipped them, so I hope they arrive by Monday.

Playground Monitor said...

Manicure and pedicure -- done this morning

Haircut -- tomorrow

Packed -- are you kidding???

I have a list and I have things hanging and piled all over my office. My plan is to start packing tonight.

Instigator said...

Packed? Packing tonight? Are you people crazy? Sure, I have a pile of stuff that I need to make sure gets in the suitcase but I probably won't start that process until Monday night.


Smarty Pants said...

Hair - not done.
Nails - not done.
Pedicure - not done.
Packed - nope.
List of stuff to pack? - not that either.
Groceries for DB - nah

You all are way too far ahead.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I hope you all have many wonderful surprises in Atlanta, and no nasty ones. :-)

hair -- done and then redone
nails -- done, and then chipped on my seatbelt as I left the salon
packing -- DONE
Food for Dh -- huh?


Kathy said...

I shopped for the family and my snack goodies, today.

Pedi-I do my own
Packed-Nah! I'm still trying to make sure everything is clean. LOL.

Excited-need I say more?
Scared?-ever heard of Ralph?
Risk factor-I'm trying to keep the dollar total of my purchases away from the LTC.