Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bring a suitcase

An extra one that is. You'll be buying books at the literacy signing. They also raffle off very nice baskets and you may be a lucky winner. You'll get free books in your registration packet. There's a bookfair. The publishing houses have book signings and give away free books. There's a goody room with... well... goodies of all sorts. And there's the Moonlight Madness bazaar with other goodies.

So you're going to need space to take it all back home. And remember if you're flying that there's a weight limitation on your bags. Go over that and it will cost you.

At my first conference, I packed a suitcase in a suitcase. And I picked up one of every item in the goody room. Last year I packed a small duffel bag that folded flat in the bottom of my suitcase and I was more selective in the goody room.

The hotel website says it has a "full service business center" and that may include UPS service to ship things back home. I've emailed the hotel to find out what this "business center" includes and if there's a post office close by. Will let you know what I find out.

Edited: I heard back from the Marriott and here's what they had to say.

Thank you for contacting Marriott. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information.

We contacted an associate at the hotel, and you are able to ship packages from the business center. There is also a post office directly across the street.


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