Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Series of Strange and Unusual Occurances

Sorry this blog is so late! Apparently, I’m having trouble taking my own advice and can’t say no to scheduling something every hour. The up side to this is that there’s quite a bit to talk about – not all of it good.

The playfriends seem to have the market cornered on Atlanta catastrophes. So far, Problem Child has sliced her finger open (2 days later it’s still seeping blood), yours truly managed to dump an entire thing of eye shadow all over Lennox Mall, Angel was tripped and fell on her rear – in front of Nora Roberts, Problem Child broke the heel off of her Linda Howard shoes, and apparently I’m having trouble keeping my clothes on as my shirt buttons keep popping open and I can’t remember to zip my pants. One thing is for sure, Atlanta has been interesting.

But there have been some excellent moments as well. Several of us worked the Literacy Signing and got to fetch and carry for some of our favorite authors. It might not sound so great but trust me, it was. We managed a mini-Maven shopping trip where I found the perfect shoes and earrings – something I couldn’t find at home after trips to three malls. I was also privileged to accept the Pro Mentor of the Year Award on behalf of JoAnn Ross.

Tomorrow is a big day for everyone. Angel and I both have pitches. The other playfriends have scheduled plenty of workshops, book signings, and meet and greets to fill the day. Maybe Smarty Pants can manage to get her blog posted before dinnertime tomorrow. We’ll see J

We miss everyone!


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