Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The Playfriends leave bright and early for Nationals today. Shows you how much I want to go to Nationals. I don’t get up at 5 am for just any reason. Six women, luggage, 5 hours…good thing we like each other.

I’m not one of those people who believe “getting there is half the fun.” The minute they invent teleportation, I am so there. I love to be in different places; I don’t necessarily like getting to those places.

But between the novel plotting, the pitching practice, the plans for what we’re going to do once we get there, the trip shouldn’t be too bad. It’s been a while since we’ve had some true bonding time.

I’m already practicing my “Are we there yet?” whine. Should I take bets on how many times I’ll get to say it before Danniele smacks me or leaves me on the side of the road?

If you won’t be in Atlanta, still come back and check the blog. Darling Geek has cheerfully added the wireless-thingy to my laptop so we’ll be able to update you on our doings while we’re there. Pictures, too. But updates will probably be made in the afternoons/evenings because our days are pretty booked. But Counselor Shelley has agreed to clear some of her backlogged questions by posting to the blog as well. The Playfriends can’t stand stale sites or stagnant blogs—even if we are away.

Wish us luck on editor appointments and pitches. Keep your fingers crossed that we don’t embarrass ourselves accidentally. Pray we don’t have car trouble and that the hotel gets our complicated reservation request correct.


Playground Monitor said...

My alarm clock was set for 5:30. The cat started barfing at the foot of the bed at 5:00. Hell of a way to get up.

See you in a little while.

PM -- I'm not named AM for a reason. If God had intended for me to see the sunrise, He'd have scheduled it for later in the day.

Angel said...

Amen, sister!!!

Sheryl M said...

Good luck ladies with any appointments you may have and possible contacts you may meet!! Have a GREAT time ;)