Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Next Thirty Years

Yes, today is my birthday and for the first time in my life I'm a thirty-something. So far this jump has brought mixed emotions. I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to be feeling. Everyone makes a big deal out of this one day when, so far, it's been quite like any other.

I don't feel different. And I'm seriously hoping that my mental attitude hasn't changed simply because my personal odometer flipped a digit. Although, I can't help but run that Tim McGraw song through my head, the one that talks about the next thirty years.

Oh, there've been plenty of days I'd like to forget - mainly centered around bad, youthful decisions, alcohol and frat parties. Hmm, I wonder if there's a connection.

But I have a husband I love, two amazing daughters and a happy life. I enjoy my job, and the fact that it allows me time with my family. I'm blessed. No doubt about it. And all in all, I wouldn't change a thing. But there's something about reaching this milestone that makes you look backwards and forwards, both with a bit of trepidation and excitement. What will the next thirty years hold? Who knows but I'm looking forward to finding out.

I did set one goal for myself - several years ago - to be published by the time I was thirty. Yes, before all you goal purists email me, I realize I set myself a goal that I had no control over. This is precisely why I've decided to extend the deadline until the end of my 30th year :-) Interpretation is everything.

But I did receive a wonderful early birthday present. On Tuesday I received a revision request from the editor that has my full. I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty, tearing my story apart and making it so much better. I love these characters and really want to give them a chance to shine. I know with the help of the people around me, and the fantastic guidance from this editor, I'm going to have that opportunity.

I'm planning an easy, enjoyable day including family, friends and cake. After that I'm hoping for an early night and a chance to catch up on the sleep I can't seem to quite get enough of. Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone. Nationals is around the corner and I've got a to do list a mile long.

But I do want to take a second to say congratulations to my sister, brother-in-law and nephew. They welcomed a new baby boy into the family on Monday. He's adorable, with chubby cheeks and a head full of dark brown hair. My husband, God love him, walked into the hospital room and immediately asked to hold him, said it might be his only chance to hold a boy. I can tell you right now that the next thirty years had better not include another baby in Instigator's future.


Word Count Meter: I've finished the rough draft. Yeah!! Now for revisions.

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Linda Winstead Jones said...

Happy Birthday, Instigator!

I never understood all the negative hoopla over turning 30. It's a year like any other, it just happens to end with a zero. And hey, I keep hearing that 50 is the new 30, which means 30 is now . . . 10. :-)

Honestly, I have enjoyed every part of my life. Every age has some advantage. Don't look forward and backwards too much -- enjoy the moment!


Playground Monitor said...

Happy birthday! Just think -- in another 20 years you can wear a purple outfit and a red hat. :grin:

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you meet your end-of-the-year goal of publication.


Smarty Pants said...

Happy B-Day, Instigator! I set a goal of selling by my high school reunion. I need not remind myself that means spring of 07. Sigh. I too, may need to tweak the boundaries of my goal a bit.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Instigator!

Best wishes on your special day and I hope all of your dreams come true.


Angel said...

Happy Birthday to the best friend, critique partner, cheerleader, and conference roomie a girl could ever have!!!!

Have a restful day, with lots of relaxing, good food, and family hugs.


Problem Child said...

Happy Birthday Kira!!

Enjoy the day!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday, Instigator! Always remember that you're not getting older, you're getting BETTER!

Keep everything in perspective. Live is full of posibilities and the exciting news you just received is proof that you're on the way to meeting your goal. Remember you still have 70 years left! So much can happen in that amount of time.


Lori Borrill said...

Happy Birthday!! And what better birthday present than the awesome news you received on your MS.

Personally, I didn't even really hit my stride until 40, so don't sweat the number. That's all it is--a number.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Jennifer Y. said...

Happy Birthday!

Instigator said...

Thanks guys! y'all are so sweet.


Maven Linda Howard said...

Happy birthday!

Now get to work.

I'm serious. I love revisions. And as for how you're supposed to feel at the big 3-0 . . . why how you feel is how you're supposed to feel. The emphasis is on "you", not "supposed." Don't forget that.

KimW said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day and your evening is even better.

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday, Instigator!!!!

Thirty isn't so bad--I happen to be thirty-five and still feel young and cool, though I imagine other people would disagree on that score. :-) Anyway, I'll tell you what the brilliant Kristen Robinette said to me--"Congratulations. Everyone will take you seriously now."

And it's true. :-)

Birthday hugs!

J.B. Thompson said...

I'm a day late, but I hope you had a terrific birthday, Instigator! And congratulations on both the revision request and reaching that rough draft goal - I know this is going to be the beginning of something really great, all your hard work paying off. Here's to the next thirty years!