Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's Your Ability?

I have a dinner guest coming over tomorrow. I couldn't put her off - she has the audacity to be moving to Florida in a week and wants to see it before she leaves. Sigh. That means tonight is a mad straightening dash to get a least downstairs quasi presentable. I'm taking a break to blog before I head back downstairs to try and find a home for all the random things that are sitting around, unloved.

While I do, I've been watching TV. I have done quite well catching up on my Tivo over the last week. I watched all the episodes of House, only to find we moved and had no satellite service to record the finale. Ugh. I'm also catching up on the 4400 - only two episodes until I'm caught up. That show, if you haven't watched it, is riveting. It simply pulls you into the storyline and won't let go.

For those of you that don't know, the premise is that 4400 people that were abducted over the last 100 or so years are suddenly returned to earth one day in a giant ball of light with no memory of where they've been or what happened to them. What they do come back with is a special power - an ability that is unique to them. One can heal with his touch. One can see the future. One can levitate objects. One can ask you any question and you tell the truth, no matter what. 4400 possibilities for cool shows. Of course, there's drama, discrimination, government interference, etc. Later, when they find the substance in their body that gives them their powers, they learn to harvest it and regular people have the opportunity to give themselves an injection that would potentially let them develop an ability too.

Of course there's a catch - first, it's illegal to do it. Second, there's a 50/50 chance of developing an ability...otherwise you end up dying. One or the other. At the point in the series I'm in, they haven't figured out a way to tell who will die and who won't. (Don't tell me if you're caught up and they've solved the problem.) So lots of folk are taking the chance, some are dying, some are developing really cool and unique abilities.

So it makes me wonder...What would it take for you to take the shot with a 50/50 chance of developing a super-hero like ability? If your odds were better and you knew for sure you wouldn't die from it, would you do it? What kind of special powers would you like to develop?

You can also go online and take a personality quiz that will tell you what kind of ability you would develop. Try it and let us know what you end up with! I'm a MIND CONTROL MASTER! Woo hoo!



catslady said...

I too am a Mind Control Master! I think I'd like the power of time travel - past and present.

Rhonda Nelson said...

I don't think I'd give it a shot. I'd stay regular Ol Rhonda and live. :-)

Kathy said...

I'm a Big Hearted Healer like Sean! Would I take the drug Promicin? If I knew I could be a Big Hearted Healer and actually be able to help people, that I had a 50/50 chance of helping people possibly. As you can see when Sean heals someone, it's not neccessarily easy. He suffers their pain. It would be extremely hard but well worth the sacrifice.

I love the 4400 and I'm all up to date so I won't say anything more, SP. :-)

Shout out to PC!


Jen said...

Unless I had some pretty high stakes, like someone I loved would die otherwise, I wouldn't take the 50/50 chance. Not sure what ability I'd ask for or want. And I couldn't help going out and taking the quiz. I am a Mind Control Master - hmm, not sure if I agree with that assessment, but it was fun, although on 3 of them I wouldn't have picked any of the choices but you had to pick one to move forward.

Maven LJ said...

I'm a mind control master, too. There sesms to be several of us here. What does that say about this group, eh? :-)

As to taking the shot (and yes, I watch and am all caught up on the shows) it would have to take a serious threat to my children or grandchildren to make me take a 50/50 chance. I like being alive, thank you very much.

But if I have to have a power -- Mind Control is very cool.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

I would do it in the flash and ask for the power of healing. :D

Thanks for explaining about the show 4400. I would loooove to watch that but am stuck in the sticks with a puny antenna.

Hugs, JJ/Blue

Maven Linda said...

I'm a Mind Control Master, too. This is scary.

It would take extremely dire circumstances that would force me to take the 50/50 chance -- a life and death situation for someone I love, and what if I didn't get the healing power??? Or the ability to change the past, or something like that? What if I got stuck with Weater Control? I prefer working with reality, not what-ifs.

So, yes, I'm a control freak -- but I'm in very good company :-).


PS: The verification word is "anptbis," which on first glance looks like it would be pronounced "antpiss." The blogger verification function is seriously mental.

Instigator said...

I'm a Mind Control Master too. It's nice to have company in the control freak area. :-)

I agree with the Mavens, I wouldn't take the risk unless it was life or death for someone I loved. Now if I could be guaranteed that I'd live I'd do it in a heartbeat. Although, there are always downsides to these kinds of powers cause ya know nothing is free.


Playground Monitor said...

You know... the questions change each time you take the test. I'm not sure it's very scientific.

I'm not a risk taker, so I'll stay plain ole me.

Maven LJ said...

In the interest of science, I took the test again and this time I filled in my second answer each time. I came out a Big Hearted Healer, as my secondary power. At least I know they're not throwing out Mind Control willy-nilly. :-)

oh my, the verification word is pjrveypw. Long enough, you think? Can we all use our mind control on blogger to start using shorter verification words?

Sassy said...

I'm a big hearted healer.

Angel said...

Yep, I'm a mind control master too. I was interested in the 4400 when I first saw the commercials, but unlike my hubby, didn't have time to watch it. Now I'm so far behind I'd probably never catch up.


Smarty Pants said...

We keep getting the same two. Boo! Surely there's more than two choices. They had a girl in the episode I just watched that could turn a polluted river clean just by standing in it. That would be cool.

Nini said...

I have finished the first week of school and i'm still alive!!! I'm so excited. I now have 176 days left of school to complete with kids and 186 days left for teachers! I can now sit down and read blogs and websites with an adult mind.

I am a Big Hearted Healer. That's me. I'm the 'jewish mama' of my group, the one who wants all to be happy, knowing full well that i can't do that. The Mind Control Masters would dominate me but being big-hearted, would i care?

I'd love to be able to read minds i think. To get into the brains of my students. They are high "at risk" students with lots of familial problems and i'd like to make sure that they're okay when they're home. See...i am a big hearted healer!

Nini :)