Monday, August 20, 2007


I spent the weekend running hither and yon, time racing by so fast I can't believe it is Monday again. Smarty Pants got an extra dose of me, since we rode twice to different places. Once to Instigator's for a Playfriend get-together. The second time to a stamping party at my sister's house.

For those of you who aren't familiar, rubber stamping is used in card making and scrapbooking, among other things. I don't do it often, because I like to do my pages quick, but it is fun on occasion.

I've always been a crafter, and have been known to give crafted gifts on occasion. There's just something about creating a pretty memory that appeals me. And since my kids are young, creating something that actually lasts is nice too. And scrapbooking can be quick and easy, unlike writing. No pressure. I'm not being judged or trying to sell it. It just is. It's another side of creativity, but one for which I have no goals or finish lines.

I read once that Nora Roberts went from craft to craft to craft, until she started writing. She considered that a sign of someone searching for that thing that they really needed to express themselves. I did the same, and scrapbooking is the only one I stick with consistently now.

But I'm already making out lists for Christmas gifts I need to craft this year. What about you? What's your hobby? If you're crafty, like me, what do you find so appealing about it?



Smarty Pants said...

I just have all this artistic energy in me, buzzing all the time. My job is about as uncreative as it gets, so I've always sought outlets. When I was younger, I drew a lot. In college, I went through a construction paper phase where I made cut outs of my favorite cartoon characters and put them on my dorm room door. Websites became another way for me to be creative in a different way, which I still enjoy doing. I wish I were better at it. Lately, its scrapbooking. I like it because it allows me to do something with all my pictures and souveniers (feeds my organization gene) plus it allows me to play with stickers and glue (feeds my creative gene.) My organization gene also enjoys collecting all the organizational bags to sort out my tools and paper and whatnot. I'm pretty sick that way.

Looking at the cards we made yesterday made me These are so cute and really weren't that hard. I'm fighting the urge to go stamp crazy. Must fight it. Seriously.

Instigator said...

I've had creative phases in my life but I'm a one track mind kinda girl so writing is it for me at the moment. I do have a half finished cross-stitch of a tiger and her two cubs. I learned to cross-stitch and then picked out the biggest most complicated pattern I could find. And stopped halfway through :-)


Kelley St. John said...

I've never done the stamping thing; however, I have several friends who are really into the rubber stamping craft. I admit that I'm always in awe of those cards when they come in the mail. There's so much thought and creativity behind it! Very nice!

For me, I did get into scrapbooking a while back, mainly because I wanted my foster children to have nice "life books." That was recommended by our social worker, and I loved the idea. She said since many foster children are a part of several families and therefore have several "life stories" that it's very important to help them remember all of those connections, and all of the people who have cared for them. The life books were a joy to create, showing photos of their first trip to the beach, their first trip to Disney, all of those terrific firsts.

Now that the kids are grown, my primary craft is writing. It's what I enjoy most (which is a good thing, since that helps me meet those deadlines ;)


Jen said...

I suppose I'm just neurotic but crafts stress me out. I'm always worried I'll do it wrong. Hey...writing's a lot like that too. :-0

Problem Child said...

I'd rather be beaten.

I did cross-stitch for years, then quit. I tried to learn to knit, but it didn't take.

I was given a scrapbook by my aunt several years ago. I've added 1/2 of a page since then.

I guess I'll support the crafty by simply buying what they make.

Problem Child said...
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Smarty Pants said...

You should give it a try, PC. You missed out on some righteous chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. :)

Maven LJ said...

I think I've tried every craft, and before I started writing. Soime I stuck with for a while, others not so much. I did a LOT of cross stitch. I also crocheted, once upon a time, and made a few small blankets. Tried quilting but didn't get far. Made totebags with fabric paint. I know there's more, but that's all I remember at the moment.

Scrapbooking came along after I'd been writing for a while, so I've never even tried it.


Kathy said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun playing with stickers! I admire your commitment to getting your albums done. I am so behind in mine. I actually bought all the stuff to make a cheerleading scrapbook of #2's HS years and sadly, it still waits in the closet. Now, #4 is almost done cheering in HS. I'm afraid there's no hope that I'll ever get 1 done let alone 2.

I love to knit and quilt. I've done many different crafts throughout the years (which were great ways to battle loneliness when the Army sent the DH away for long periods of time). Finding the time and energy needed to do them now has been hard.


Rhonda Nelson said...

I like making Christmas ornaments and the like, but scrapbooking is just too overwhelming for me. Too many choices! I went to Hobby Lobby and just couldn't get past all the...stuff.

Barbara Vey said...

I am soooo not crafty. A niece helped me do a scrapbook a couple of years ago. It was of a visit to Milwaukee of my grandkids and turned out adorable. So, when we went to Disney World last year, I bought the fancy Magic Kingdom scrapbook and all the stuff to go with it. It's all still in the Mickey bag.

Pathetic!! I know.

Playground Monitor said...

I sewed years ago but don't have the patience for it anymore, even with a granddaughter to sew for. I used to cross-stitch but I think my eyes would rebel now. I re-learned knitting 2 years ago and made a couple afghans for a group called Project Linus. I also made one for my granddaughter. And that Christmas everyone got scarves made from fun fur yarn. I do a little beadwork and make beaded paperback thong bookmarks.

I've received some absolutely amazing Christmas cards made by stamping. But I don't need another hobby. Taking care of the DH is a full-time job. ::grin::


Nini said...

Hello!!! I got home from school a few minutes ago - right before the monsoons started....yes - i stayed at school an extra two hours because Open House is tomorrow night and my room isn't done yet. I was told i was being anal...

Anyhow - love my crafting. I make glass ball Christmas ornaments with paint, I've made wooden things to stick in your yard for the holidays, like fence post Santas and reindeer, i make aromatherapy flax seed pouches...i love it. It so relaxes me.

So does writing, but i'm having a hard time finding time to do that too.

I also love to cook and bake.

Nini :)