Thursday, August 09, 2007

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for Sweet Pea and Baby Girl. It's actually Baby Girl's first day of school ever. I've come to a realization this week, I'm not ready for them to grow up. Ready for them to be more self sufficient, yes. But can't they do that without actually growing up?

They're both going to learn so much this year. I remember Sweet Pea's 3K year. She was an absolutely different child from the first to the last day. They grow and change so quickly at this age. Baby Girl is in for a treat because her cousin is going to be in class with her. They're so cute together. Cousin is an older brother and used to giving orders while Baby Girl is used to ignoring those same orders from her own big sister. It'll be interesting to see how they do together.

Sweet Pea starts 1st grade this year. It's real school now. No more naps. No more playing. It's homework and learning to read, add and tell time. She's so excited to take this step (we'll see how long that enthusiasm lasts after she gets her first homework assignment). She's such a smart and independent child. I'm so proud of her. Her class is very small this year, one of the benefits of going to a private school (although it can be a problem if there's a conflict with a child in the class. They spend 3K through 8th with virtually the same kids so there's no getting away).

I'm off to double check backpacks and lunches. And probably shed a little tear in the car leaving the school. My babies aren't babies anymore.

Anyone else dealing with the start of school? If not, what was your favorite school moment growing up?



Jen said...

Instigator, one of my favorite elementary school memories of Girl was when she started 1st grade. She announced at the end of her second day that she was heading back to kindergarten since it suited her much better. ;-)

What a fun time for them and yes, I want my child to be self-sufficient but the growing up happens so FAST.

Nini said...

My child is 18 and in his 2nd semester at a local more excitement for me. I can live without it.

I have great memories in elementary school. I think it was finding out i could take out a book, read it, and then return it and get another. We weren't close to any libraries when i was that young.

However, shed a tear for me on August 22nd. That's when my 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are back in school. That's my first official day of school.


Sara Thacker said...

Awww, how cute. Our local school doesn't start until the end of August.

MaryF said...

August 9 and they're in school already????

We did that a few years, but thankfully the kids aren't starting till Aug. 27 this year - another week and a half off for me!!!

Pat L. said...

Yike, first day of school already.

Hope it goes well.

I didnt particulary like school so can't think of a fav moment.

Smarty Pants said...

It's all downhill after kindergarden. That was my take on it. Once you got in 1st grade though, you got to go to the library once a week. They'd never do this now, I'm certain some kid would fall and the parents would sue, but the library had a tree house with beanbag chairs. Each week, she'd pick two or three kids that would get to go pick a book and read up in the tree house for the remainder of library time. That was the best thing ever.


Rhonda said...

Hugs, Instigator! I've whined about mine fighting, but I'm sure I'll miss them when they aren't here. :::sniff:::

As for school memories, I was a Kindergarten Drop-out. Some girl broke one of my brand new crayons on the first day and I refused to go back. Thankfully it wasn't mandatory back then. :-)

Playground Monitor said...

It's been a loooooooooong time since my kids started school. However, I hope to be dealing with #2 starting grad school this year. He had a meeting with the department about a graduate assistantship that came open at the last minute. I haven't heard anything yet and hope that no news is good news, and that he's just busy filling out all sorts of paperwork to get accepted. I can be delusional when necessary. ::grin::


Kathy said...

Hugs, Instigator!! Shed the tear, but enjoy the wonderment the girls must be feeling. New adventures are so exciting!! And every day is a new adventure for little ones. :-)

Wishing your son all the best, PM, and hoping he hears something soon about the graduate assistantship!

Memories, like the colors of my mind... somehow they don't match the kindergarten and 1st grades of today. I remember crafting easter baskets, valentines, parties, now it's bam bam bam, read, write, etc.... Crafty things are now reserved for pre-school and yet, pre-schoolers are supposed to know everything before they get to kindgarten. Hmmm. What's the deal? Are we making our kids grow up too fast? I hear the argument we're trying to keep up with the fast pace of technology and other countries who report smarter kids at an earlier age. No matter, when the kids come home and you see the wheels working inside their eyes, see the discoveries being made, you can't help but feel proud.

Where did recess go?


Smarty Pants said...

They don't get recess anymore???

Instigator said...

They get it but not for very long.


Kathy said...

Isn't it called PE? We used to have more than 1 recess during the day and no PE.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Oh my goodness, recess was the BEST time! A group of us used to pretend like we were riding horses, so we would do this sort of galloping thing that I'm sure looked absolutely retarded (that would explain the giggling teachers), but we loved it.

We got into it so much that we started bringing pieces of bailing (baling?) twine to school to use as reins. We'd gallop and whip ourselves at the same time. ROFL. I bet you couldn't take anything long and ropey to school these days. Probably count as a deadly weapon or something. :(

Hugs, Instigator.

Smarty Pants said...

We had PE and recess. PE was where they made you do situps and learn basketball and whatever. Recess was after lunch, where you got like 20-30 minutes to wear yourself out on the swings or playing jumprope or red rover before you went back into class.

No recess. How sad. I think I recall Angel saying something about DQ not being allowed to talk. I don't get it.

Angel said...

Drama Queen gets 1 recess and 1 PE each day. But they aren't allowed to talk during lunch.

She's been back in school for a week now. I like her having school each day, but sitting in line for 20 minutes each day is a pain.


Sassy said...

My kids began school last Wednesday and since I was out of town last year to attend my Grandma's funeral I didn't get to take my daughter in to school for her first day of Kindergarten. I was heart broken. So this year when my son began 3rd grade and my daughter 1st I was the over bearing mom who had to walk each of them to their class and give them hugs and kisses. "No kisses in front of my friends, Mom" was my son's response but my daughter just smiled at me and asked if her hair was still ok. :) Here I am distrought over my kids growing up and my daughter asks if her hair is messed up. Just goes to show it is harder on the parents than kids.


Barbara Vey said...

This post made me cry. My babies are now 35 and 25 and the oldest is now sending his babies to school. {sniff}

Favorite memory: The first day of every school year I'd dress my boys up and take their pictures as they headed out the door. Last year, the 25 year old started teaching at a high school. So, I ran over to his house the first day (he dressed himself) and I took his picture as he headed out the door. (ok, this time I made myself cry)

Smarty Pants said...

How are you supposed to trade your pudding cup for a cupcake at lunch if you can't talk??? Tragic.

Playground Monitor said...

They cut out recess when #1 son was in school and the local pediatricians petitioned the school board to put it back in because they were seeing a big rise in stress-related illness in children. I remember being in first grade and jumping rope a lot during recess. I never learned how to double-dutch but I remember admiring the big girls who could do that.

No talking at lunch? How barbaric. Is sign language allowed? First they outlaw peanut butter sandwiches, then talking. Crazy.


Playground Monitor said...

Oh and Barbara -- very cute about taking your son's photo on his first day of teaching.