Thursday, August 23, 2007

She's Alive!

Bearing in mind that yesterday's surgery, today's physical therapy session and serious pain pills are involved, I think she looks pretty good. Don't you?


Maven Linda said...

Cookies. I see cookies in that picture. And flowers. And gifts.

I wanna have surgery. Something minor. I want cookies and flowers and gifts.

PC, mind your minders! Not an easy thing for a take-charge kind of gal, but TRY.


Problem Child said...

And if you look on the table next to me, you'll see the lovely drugs that put the goofy look on my face.

I have great friends--flowers and Fudgy Nut stuff.

The PT says everything looks good--very little swelling, and overall the pain isn't too bad.

I plan to do very little this weekend. If I stay on the couch and whine, people bring me things. If I get up and play hero, I'll have to do laundry.


Bring me a bell and some of those cookies!

Playground Monitor said...

She was a very good patient. She stayed on the couch and kept the ice on her knee, which is probably why she got such a glowing report from PT. It's hard to keep a good woman down, but I think the promise of "no laundry" might just be her hot button. :grin:


Jen said...

PC, much relieved to see you made it and that the drugs have put a lovely smile on your face. ;-) Hey, you're all nexted there with flowers, food, laptop and some lovin'(and drugs), I'd say you're in tip-top shape for being one day out of surgery!!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

She looks beautiful and I have tears. What bravery in the face of noisy carts all night long!!!

Big Hugs!!!


Nini said...

I love that big comfy sofa! Do i need to have surgery to get one? I'd stay right there - everyone else can do laundry. My DS is doing it for me today....why??? Cause it's all his stuff.

Cyber fudgey nut stuff for feeling better!