Monday, August 13, 2007


It isn't where you begin, but where you end that matters.

I saw this little tidbit posted on a church sign this past week. This is the Bible Belt, so there are churches everywhere. This particular one I have to pass every morning to take Drama Queen to school, and every afternoon to pick her up.

This saying encouraged me immediately. I've been struggling with my current wip, which isn't cooperating as neatly as I'd hoped. Instead of revealing itself in a neat and chronological manner, I write, only to hit a wall. Then I have to go back and figure out what I missed. It hasn't been pretty, and certainly not easy.

But I will get there. Where is there? A completed manuscript ready to submit to publishers. I may be struggling a little at the moment, but what matters is that I persevere to the end (and slow down to listen to my story a bit more).

I just want to offer this same bit of encouragement to all of you out there today. It may be fast, maybe slow. You may be struggling where once you whipped pages out without blinking. You may be a plotter, a panster, or some mixture of both. But the destination is what matters.



Rhonda said...

Great post today, Angel! You're exactly right!

Barbara Vey said...

It's interesting you write this today. Marjorie Liu posted snips of author interviews with the same thread in her journal today.


Jen said...

Thanks!! I needed this today.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hi, Angel. Thanks for the quote! I'm sort of slogging through the last 1/4 of my mss now and I have a lot of stops and starts. So this helps. :)

Kathy said...

You'll figure everything out!! Funny you should mention this though, Angel. I just got this online.

You have to send a ship out before your ship can come in.

If you've been giving nothing, then nothing is what you get.

You're holding the seeds of your own future in your hand right now. Step out in faith. Start now planting one good seed after another. Eventually you'll enjoy a good harvest every single day!

The quote you noted and those above really hit me hard this morning. You know me. This was a slap in the face. Ouch! Time to get busy.


Playground Monitor said...

Oh yes... that elusive destination. If they'd just print the name of it on the ticket, it might be easier sometimes.

Lynn said she was slogging through her mss now. I slog a lot. Matter of fact, sometimes I need hip waders.


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How did they know I had bbq for dinner last night and feel fat this morning?

Instigator said...

What a great quote, Angel! I need to remember that today. I feel like I've got a million things that need my attention all at once. I'll just concentrate on the end result I want (an empty to do list) and see how the day goes :-)


Gabrielle said...

Just what I needed to hear today, ANgel, thanks!

Angel said...

Instigator, Can To Do Lists ever really be empty? :)

I definitely need to check out M. Liu's site. I could use all the encouragement I can get.

And thanks to everyone who has posted this morning! I appreciate YOU being here! Having friends who understand is encouragement in itself.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

I hate that anyone has to slog, but on the other hand, I don't feel alone. :) Sloggers of the world, persevere! :)

Problem Child said...

I'm slogging too. I'm actually slogging backwards trying to figure out where I'm coming from so I can figure out where I'm going.

Eyes on the Prize, huh, Angel?

Kelley St. John said...

Your quote reminded me of a story I heard about NYT Bestselling author Tami Hoag. Her editor commented on her wip by saying that she "really had become hooked on the villain." As I said, this was still a work in progress, and Tami Hoag answered, "Don't get too attached. I don't think he did it."

I loved that!