Thursday, August 09, 2007

First Day of School Update

Well...things didn't quite go the way I'd hoped.

Baby Girl wasn't actually supposed to start school today. She goes three days a week while her cousin goes five. But since today was the first day and Cousin has trouble with change we thought Baby Girl might help ease the transition for him - make things easier on the teacher (who's a friend of Grandma's and was Sweet Pea's teacher). It turns out Baby Girl had a complete and total meltdown while Cousin ran right in and asked where the trains were. I felt horrible.

But things settled down and before I left everyone was happy and playing. However, it didn't stay that way. At 11 this morning I got a phone call that Sweet Pea had thrown up. She'd said her tummy hurt this morning but I thought it was just nerves. Turns out it wasn't. She's now running a 102 fever. So the first week of school is shaping up to be a disaster. Here's hoping next week is better.



Nini said...

Awww....i hope she feels better...School can be a very traumatic.....I remember my son's first day well.

~~Hugs to BG~~


Angel said...

Woah! Though it wasn't all sunshine and roses, I can actually say I'm glad for Little Man's first day of school. At least he hasn't gotten sick yet (though I did).

Hugs, Sweetie!