Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Southern Religion

In the South Wednesdays and Sundays are reserved for God's use. Friday and Saturday's are for football. And never the two shall meet - with two exceptions. First, there's 30 seconds left in the 4th, it's 3rd and goal and we're down by 6 points. Then everyone prays. Second, if you're a good Catholic boy like DH and you root for Notre Dame.

This weekend marks the start of most high school and college football in the country - the beginning of a seasonal religion in the South. Pro ball starts next week. After spending four years in the band, countless hours watching college ball on TV and a couple nights in the stands at a Titans game I've learned a thing or two about football. I know I enjoy watching the games (and the way those quarterback's butts look in those tight pants). And I know I can't tell holding from offsides - but I can spot unsportsmanlike conduct.

DH will be taking both girls to the first home game of the season for our local high school tomorrow night. It's a tradition he started with Sweet Pea several years ago. They're all very excited about going. Me? I'm staying home. It's till 90 frickin degrees in the shade down here and I'm a firm believer that if I'm sweating I'd best be losing inches from my waist.

My parents, sister, brother-in-law and youngest brother will all be at the Auburn game on Saturday since they hold season tickets (WAR EAGLE!). This weekend begins a proud family tradition of scheduling absolutely everything around when we play Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida. The rest of the games don't matter unless we lose.

Who are you rooting for this year?
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Playground Monitor said...

Alabama's opening game is a sell-out. I know because #2 son has been trying to get tickets. Why does he want tickets? Because they are playing his alma mater (and mine). Why are they sold out? Certainly not because they're playing a small university from western North Carolina. It's the new coach's first game. It's an unfair move to have his first game against a school where the entire athletic budget is smaller than Alabama's GatorAde bill. So any victory can't be chalked up to Saban's skill as a coach or the proficiency of the Crimson Tide. It's gonna be a slaughter and I just hope no one gets hurt.

That being said, I usually root for Auburn, since #1 son and my money went there for 7 years. My DIL is also an Auburn grad.

War Eagle! And let the praying begin. :grin:


Smarty Pants said...

Uh...go Arizona Wildcats! I'm probably the only one yelling that. A., because I'm in the south, where U of A means something different and B., because my dear team's football has always sucked. We're all about basketball and women's softball.

I don't have a dog in the fights around here. I don't have a preference between Alabama and Auburn - safer that way. My dogs have Alabama nametags on their collars because that's the only choice Petsmart would give me - an Alabama or Auburn bone tag and most my neighbors cars have Alabama stickers on them, so I got that one. Figure they'd be more likely to return my dogs if they got out. DB went to JSU and I went to NAU and Troy State, so neither come up often in sports arguments. My stepdad is diehard FSU, so I usually cheer for the other team to aggravate him.

I'm a pro ball girl. Used to be a Falcons fan. Not sure who we'll root for this year. Maybe the Titans.

Problem Child said...


Yep, I'm a proud Tennessee grad...even if I do look terrible in orange.

I loved going to games when I was in college, but I'm not a fan of watching them on TV. Too slow.

Jen said...

I'm a subversive. I went to UGA but could absolutely care less. I think there's something wrong with me because I truly do not care. Although I do admit I gave a tiny cringe when my Girl came home from a Ga Tech baseketball game with a t-shirt that proclaimed, "I bleed white and gold."

Maven LJ said...


MaryKate said...

I'm a pro football fan, not college. But this year I'm dating a guy who went to Florida. So turns out, I guess I'll be rooting for Florida this year. Much to the dismay of most of my friends who are VA Tech or UVA grads. Oh well.

I care much more how my 'Skins are doing than any college football team. Now, college basketball, that's a whole 'nother thing. ;o)

Nini said...

Not into college ball, but I'm a diehard NY Giants fan, even though i'm living in Maryland.

I do root for the local high school team, since i taught most of them. Go SHS Leopards!!!! But i'm at another school now so i need to root for them also...

Go WHS Cougars!!!

Nini :)

Angel said...

Like Jen, I really couldn't care less. We grew up watching no sports (a fact which appalls my husband), though now my dad watches Nascar (a fact which appalls me.).

When my daughter asked who we go for, I told her Alabama, because that's what her Daddy likes.

She asked what would happen if she wanted to root for Auburn. I said, "Go right ahead, but be prepared to go live somewhere else, because Daddy isn't going to tolerate it." :)

My husband has very strong athletic opinions, so I defer to his preferences. They have a black sheep in the family who is an Auburn fan. For shame!


tetewa said...

I love the month of September thats when my college football team (Michigan Wolverines) start their season. When the season starts I make sure that I always have Saturdays off and me and a bunch of friends get together for every game and root them on. (GO BLUE) Looking forward to this season and I know that our biggest rival Ohio State is going down this year. In the pros I root for the Miami Dolphins.

Sassy said...

My husband much like your DH is a Notre Dame fan. I truly just love to watch football and tend to root for the underdogs. But if I was being honest I'd be rooting for Notre Dame also. My kids have ND jerseys and cheerleader outfits. The Christmas tree presents always contain some form of Notre Dame gift.

catslady said...

Both my husband and oldest daughter went to PSU so go Nittny Lions. We also live in Pittsburgh, so go Steelers.