Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Wednesday is knee-day at Casa PC. After a nice long wait, the docs will finally fix my knee tomorrow. Thank goodness. Wearing a neoprene knee brace in 107-degree weather is getting old, fast. I’m getting a heat rash under there.

Of course, it’s now starting to feel a little better…just in time for the doc to put me in large amounts of pain. (When the doc told me the pain can be “rather intense” for a few days, I panicked. Usually, they say “Oh, it won’t be too bad.” Cross your fingers for good drugs.) And, to top it all off, my GOOD knee has started hurting…sigh.

I’ve been operated on before—seven times in fact. Three times on my feet to fix dancing damage, once on my hand when I sliced the tendon and nerve in my pinky while waiting tables, laparoscopic surgery in my teens, the C-section to deliver AC when she decided to come out butt first, and LASIK on my eyes.

The worst were my feet. That hurt like a bitch and I was on crutches forever each time. The LASIK was the easiest. Very quick surgery and rapid recovery time. The C-section wasn’t fun, but at least I got AC out of it.

I’m not looking forward to this one. I’m thinking it may end up under the “hurts like a bitch” category too. Not sure why I think that…

But I’m in good hands. Not just with the surgery (although the doc did come recommended), but also with my recovery. Mom and DG are on duty a lot, but then so are the Playfriends. PM will be babysitting me on Thursday to be sure I don’t try to do something silly like climb stairs while on crutches and narcotics. SP has volunteered to bring lunch to us. Angel has offered what little “Little Man free” time she has on Friday, if my mom needs to go into work. I’m sure if there’s a need over the weekend, all I have to do is call one of them and they’ll rally ‘round the gimpy one.

They’re great that way.

Meanwhile, I’m in planning mode. I’ve been to the library to pick up some movies. I’ve built a nest downstairs on the couch with pillows, the phone, my laptop, and some books. I have snacks and drinks in the fridge so PM can find them easily. Because of the stairs, I’ve brought my toothbrush and such to the downstairs bath. There’s frozen dinners and take out menus in easily located places. AC care is under control. I’ve tried to cover all the bases possible so life can go on—even if I’m drooling on the couch. The famous anal-retentive PC To-Do list rides again.

So, what have I forgotten? If you were limited to the couch for the next 3 or so days, what would you need to see in place so life could continue with out you in charge?

And while I may be out of contact for a couple of days, I’m sure PM will post an update on Thurs.


PS: Get ready everyone! Tomorrow we finish off our series on the Raintree books with a visit from Leslie Waigner of Harlequin books! Hear what the editor of all three of these fabulous books has to say…


barbara vey said...

You are truly blessed to have such great friends. My heart goes out to you for your knee pain. I'm having sympathy pangs just thinking about it.

After I've had surgery in the past, I could care less what happened around me. Since I always had trouble keeping my eyes open, I'd had plenty of audio books to listen to.

So, put your feet up and relax.

Rhonda Nelson said...

PC, as usual, it sounds like you've got everything organized to a T. :-) And the Playfriends are absolutely wonderful! They'll take good care of you.

Maven LJ said...

You have a plan and you're in excellent hands. Good luck! You know I'll be thinking about you.


aargh -- The word verification is the length of a short story.

Angel said...

Just be sure the plan includes STAYING OFF THE LEG until it is healed. You know how you like to get back to doing stuff.

Of course, I'm dreading what new thing you are going to cook up for us to do while you are incapacitated with all that time to think. Run, ladies! PC is planning again! :)


Smarty Pants said...

Pain aside, I always enjoy the first post-op days where I can take good pills and sleep without guilt. Rest, relax as best you can. It will probably hurt, but try to stay off the knee and stay in the nest.


Kathy said...

Sounds like you've thought of everything and that you'll be in great company while you recover. I'll be here if you need me too. :-) Until then, may you be blessed with healing and rest.

You've got a lot of people praying for you.


Instigator said...

I'll be thinking of you, PC! And you know that if you need anything I'm a phone call away. Take good drugs, milk this for all its worth, and above all STAY OFF YOUR FEET! You'll be up and ordering us around in no time :-)


Jen said...

PC, your organizational skills always leave me so impressed. Here's hoping it goes well for you. I'd anticipate agony and anything less than that...well, it'll seem good. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending some healing/coping with pain thoughts your way.

Playground Monitor said...

Oh gads! She didn't say she was going to be drooling. :grin:

I'm happy to help out. I have a new book I can take to read and I love watching movies. And I have some selfish motives too. I'm going to have foot surgery next year and may need some help as well. We're all about the phrase "turn about is fair play" at the Playground.

If she starts getting too organized, I'll give her another pain pill and hide her clipboard. Sound like a plan???


catslady said...

Hope you feel better soon. When I'm laid up things just don't get done so I've learned they just have to wait lol.

Maven Linda said...

ICE PACKS! Don't forget the ice packs!

Lots of pillows, to prop on, sleep on, rest against, and support the knee.

Drugs are good. And sleep.

The verification word is cfucu. It's so short and plain, it probably won't go, and the next one will be horrendous.


Problem Child said...

I think Linda's word verif is rather vulgar... (but seems to reflect what she ends up saying to Blogger pretty often...)