Friday, August 17, 2007

A Dose of Reality

I must say I’m relieved that my competition with PC has been pushed off. Yes, I have plenty to do around the house – a new desk to assemble, walls to paint, things to unpack – but really, I’m just glad that I can sit, semi-guilt-free, in front of the TV each night and watch episodes of America’s Next Top Model and Top Chef off my Tivo. You all know I love my Tivo, but at times it can be a major time suck. Yes, I don’t waste hours channel surfing or trying to find out what some strange movie on LMN is, but I also don’t miss a single show I want to see. Its there, waiting for me when I get home. Every single episode.

I have half a season of House waiting for me to catch up before the fall season kicks off. I haven’t seen a single episode of this season’s 4400. Or Monk. Or Psych. I recorded a couple movies from a free Showtime weekend that I haven’t watched. Come September there will be new episodes of Nip/Tuck. And Rescue Me. And CSI. And for some reason, I joined Netflicks, so there's a red envelope sitting on the coffeetable for me to ignore too.

Then of course, my reality shows stack up. I came in late on a couple of them, so even though there’s no new shows running at the moment, I missed seasons 1 & 2 of ANTM, so its like a brand new round that I’ve never seen. Add to it that it’s played back to back on MTV and I’m just in heaven - no stress waiting to see what happens next week! I’m not sure when the next new season starts, although the last one only ended a few months ago, I think.

My minor (ahem) obsession with weddings glues me to the TV every time Platinum Weddings come on WE. I’m amazed by people who spend $600,000+ on their wedding. I could never do it, even if I had the money, but it’s interesting to see the kind of things people with that much money and that little sense do. Then I try to figure out how to adapt the high dollar elegance to a smaller budget. Maybe one day I can stun everyone with the most fabulous $5k wedding ever thrown. We'll see. I also watch shows on Disney weddings and others that aren't quite that high $$, but I refuse to watch Bridezillas because those women are insane and I can’t imagine the men who actually want to marry them. I feel ashamed just watching the commercials for it.

Now I’m nervously awaiting season 4 of Project Runway. I LOVE Tim Gunn. I’m paralyzed every Wednesday night waiting to see who gets “Auf’d.” I can't sew a hem, much less a dress, but I just love seeing what they come up with.

All this while my WIP rots of my flash drive and Harry Potter sits, half read, on my nightstand. No wonder I need a writing challenge to get motivated! What TV shows are you obsessed with right now? Looking forward to any starting up in the fall?



Maven LJ said...

Alert, SP. RESCUE ME is on NOW. It started in July. That's one of my can't miss shows.

When we got a new TV the TIVO was relegated to the bedroom, so now I only use it for emergencies. It's also starting to die, I think. Now and then it freezes or skips, and I once missed the last thirty seconds of a BURN NOTICE. That was annoying. I'm going to have to do something before September and all the new shows come around, because if there are two shows I want to see on one night, they always end up opposite each other. :-/


Angel said...

I've narrowed down my must sees to the original CSI. When I just want to tv veg, I go through the hubby's massive DVD collection. At lunch I watch Decorating Cents. :)

Rhonda Nelson said...

My must see is Lost. Love that show. I also like Men In Trees and Monk.

Barbara Vey said...

I got a DVR (digital video recorder) with my satelite dish. It works in all three rooms and I'm hooked! It holds 99 hours and I've only got 3 hrs and 54 minutes left on it.

I am a reality show slut. I sneered at them in the beginning, but The Amazing Race is my favorite. Now I watch all those mentioned and I see that Tim Gunn will have his own show besides PRW.

Also can't wait for the Biggest Loser. Last year my sister and niece came over every week. We all brought a piece of clothing that didn't fit the first week and at the finale we tried them on again. Mine was the black dress I wore to the Rita Awards.

About all those taped hours, more than half are of the AR that are now shown on the Game show network.

Instigator said...

You know, I've not been very impressed with the new show line-up this year. Usually by this time I have several shows I'm just dying to see. I suppose it's a good thing because I'm not sure I could fit anything else into my schedule :-)

My must sees are Grey's Anatomy, Lost, and Brothers & Sisters. I'm a reality TV show junky. I love So You Think You Can Dance, ANTM, Survivor, Big Brother.


Kathy said...

I love BURN NOTICE. I'm waiting for Heroes and American Idol. I'm watching Who Wants to be A Superhero, So You Think You Can Dance, 4400, and the Dead Zone. Plus, Modern Marvels, Underworlds, and Digging Up The Truth on the History Channel. There some new shows coming on. One is about a man who travels through time. Interesting! Another is about a Redeeming Angel. Fascinating stuff!

With so much going on every week, I'm usually never home when these shows come on. (Bummer.) Or as Maven LJ says, they come on at the same time.


Playground Monitor said...

Survivor, Dancing with the Stars and American Idol are my reality TV musts, which means I've watched virtually no TV all summer because they all ended ages ago.

In terms of non-reality TV, I adore Monk (the new season is on now and it's been great) and CSI (the Vegas version, and if Sara dies that's fine with me because I didn't think Grissom should have been dating her anyway). I'd watch Ghost Whisperer sometimes.

I did catch the last bit of a show called The Singing Bee and it's kinda cute. You don't have to sing well, you just have to know the words. But I'm not hooked... yet. ::grin::


Kelley St. John said...

My heroine in To Catch A Cheat is obsessed with Tommy Gavin on RESCUE ME. I have her watching every episode on a marathon week, staying up at night because she doesn't want to miss a chance to see him, er, the show ;)


Smarty Pants said...

Oops. Guess I forgot to set the Season Pass on Rescue Me. Good thing they replay the episodes ad nauseum.

For some reason, I've never had any interest in Lost. Something about people landing on a desert island and just happening to have everything they need there to survive throws me off. Yeah, I know there's all this stuff going on and things hidden on the island, but they should all be hairy, including the girls. And the big guy should be skinny by now. Just odd to me. :)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I am truly not much of a TV junkie. I usually fall in love with a show long after it's on DVD, so then I can watch it at my leisure. Firefly, for instance. LOVE that! I'm also a Battlestar Galactica fan. Currently waiting for season 3 to come out on DVD.

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Heroes, and I liked that. I do love House, but I can wait for the DVD.

Just finished watching Hell's Kitchen. Hubby loves that, and I enjoy it too, though I was a little disappointed this year.

I've never watched Lost, though hubby is in a Season 2 episode for a millisecond.

Saw a clip for a vampire show for Fall. Can't remember the channel, but it looked somewhat spooky and humorous at the same time. My dad loves Supernatural, which I did find a bit interesting.

Oh, and American Idol of course. Last season was the first time we watched. We'll definitely be watching again, though I was pretty mad that Melinda didn't win.

Anonymous said...

Right now I'm obsessed with Big Brother 8 and last night the Satellite was down so I missed it... I still am fuming over that one.

robynl (bad blogger)

Problem Child said...

So You Think You Can Dance ended last night, so I'm good for a while. (And while I adored Sabra, I think Danny was robbed.)

I'm really trying to cut down on the amount of TV I watch, but seriously, even with no new shows, there's enough on rerun to keep me busy.

(Law and Order anyone?)

catslady said...

I got hooked on The Killing Point and Damages and I missed an episode of each which drives me crazy.

Nini said...

I love the word procrastination. It's like lackidaisacal, flows smoothly.

I've heard of Tivo, but not really sure what it is. I'm a tvaholic, but i guess after reading what you all are watching, i'm in a safe zone.

I'm looking forward to CSI, Ghost Whisperer, Numbers, Criminal Minds, Lost (but only if it doesn't drag as much as it did last season) and Project Runway. Oops, i forgot to add and finishing Top Chef. I don't watch American Idol, or any of the other reality shows. I know, i'm weird.

This morning's word, at 6:13a.m., is aqjbiyzv - do they hate me in the a.m.???


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Right now I'm obsessed with movies but hope to find shows like GHOST WHISPERER captivating in the fall and the one that will follow it that I believe is called MOONLIGHT. :D

Hugs, JJ

Pat L. said...

Am enjoying America's Got Talent.

Look forward as always to Dancing with the Stars.