Thursday, August 02, 2007

I normally have my blog posted (and written) way before now. But um...well, I got a bit distracted tonight. I ended up reading until after midnight in order to finish a book. Now, this isn't anything completely out of the ordinary for me, I used to do it all the time (have since I was in high school).

However, I rarely allow myself to do it now. I just can't function on 4 hours sleep like I used to. But I simply couldn't put the book down. HP7. Now those of you who know me will realize this is saying alot. I don't read HP. Not because I didn't think they were good books but because I just couldn't find the time. My reading time is now limited and I just...I don't know, always chose something else. Well, when the 7th book came out and all the hype started...I found myself on the outside looking in. It's a flaw of mine. That drives me crazy. I want to be in the thick of things. So I decided I'd seen the 5 movies that I would just read books 6 & 7.

I finished 6 on Saturday night with the intention of borrowing a copy of 7. No one was finished. And I couldn't wait. I bought a copy first thing Sunday morning.

I've been using the book as a reward. I'm in the middle of revisions on my own story and wouldn't allow myself to crack the cover until I'd met my goal for the day. Today I couldn't stop.

So, it's after midnight, I haven't had a shower and I'll be getting up in roughly 6 hours to get myself and the girls ready for the office. And even though I'm going to be tired in the morning it was worth it. The book absolutely rocked!

So now, if I can get my confidence out of the gutter, I'm going to work on finishing my own. Anyone else read something fantastic lately?


P.S. Kim H is our winner from yesterday. Please email PM to claim your prize.


Erin Gordon said...

Well, I read Harry Potter last week. We got it the day it came out. I know, obsessive, right?

Kewl Blog! I'll be back!

Nini said...

I haven't read HP, so i can't comment on it...I've been in a reading funk lately. I did read a paperback by Melissa Mayhue called "Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband"...light and sassy.

I am reading now, for school,
"Framework for Understanding Poverty" by Dr. Ruby Payne. It's very intriguing as i had preconceived ideas that were totally tossed out the window at yesterday's class.

I'm also working on a novella for a contest that i need to get done. I'm having a hard time wording my 'sexual pivotal scene' and i'm not sure why. I know exactly what i want to write, but it's refusing to come out my brain.

Other than that, i'm looking forward to the recommendations from everyone else.

Off to cover a summer school's $$$$.

Nini :)

Jen said...

You know, I take it by spells, and I've just been too swamped lately to read. That's what I settle down with a good book. ;-)

Rhonda said...

I read HB7 and like you, couldn't put it down. An ideal vacation for me would be heading down to the beach for a week with nothing but all 7 HP books.

Smarty Pants said...

I've only been able to manage a few chapters of it so far, but its killing me. I want to read it so badly. Sigh. Maybe this weekend, as a reward for painting the living room and hanging the last of the blinds (if that doesn't suck up the whole weekend...)

Instigator said...

In an interesting twist on my post...apparently, there's a real guy in FL named Harry Potter.>1=7701


Playground Monitor said...

Wait, wait, wait SP. You just moved into a new house and you're painting the living room???

Anyway, I recently read HIGH HEELS AND HOT WHEELS by Jane Graves who guest blogged with us before we went to Dallas. It's a hoot! I highly recommend it.

Most recently I've been reading lots of Silhouette Special Editions cause I think my novel-under-the-bed just might fit there and I really do want to finish it.

I'm getting ready to read my packing list and start putting stuff in a suitcase cause I'm off to a family reunion. I leave tomorrow and return late Sunday. It's a whirlwnd trip but I haven't been to the reunion in 3 years and feel like I need to go cause none of us are getting any younger and who knows whether this might be the last time I see someone?


Kathy said...

I've been reading pirate books this summer and Kelley St. John's Kiss and Dwell. Great reads all!

#2 is on her way home. She'll be touching down in the good ol' USofA this afternoon and will be home tomorrow. We're all eager to see her!

I love watching HP movies but now that #4 is reading HP7, I'm finally ready to start reading books 1-7. :-) I understand HP7 is a masterpiece!

JK turned 40 years old yesterday and has accomplished a great deal writing HP for the past 17 years and producing 7 books that have made her richer than the Queen. All were written throughout tense family situations making her someone to definitely admire for her dedication and discipline! Oh, to be as talented...

(word verifi. jxxboy)

Angel said...

I really loved Brenda Novak's most recent Dead Right, which is the end of a trilogy. Also stayed up late to finish Sharon Sala's The Survivors. Actually, I think that's written under her pseudonym, let me think... Dinah McCall?
Shipped my oldest off for her first day of school today. Wandering aimlessly trying to settle down to work. :) What I really want is to go party!


Smarty Pants said...

PM - why wouldn't I paint the living room? I hate beige. It makes me feel institutional.

Kelley St. John said...

I'm in the midst of HP7, but I'm also in the home stretch of deadline. Finishing HP7 is the reward for finishing the current book. I'm thinking this weekend I should hit the mark and then hit HP7 again. But it is killing me because I really want to read more!


Problem Child said...

I finished HP. Now I'm eyeballing the stack of books I brought home from nationals. Decisions, decisions...

Pat L. said...

Congrats, Kim.

Which book did you stay up reading?

I am reading my first Harlan Coben - Just One Look - my girlfriend recommended it and has a lot going on it.

kim h said...

thank you so much
all of Leslie kelly books
the last one was
She's no angel.