Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Quite the Mix

Ahh, the Mix Tape. When I was a lass, a Mix Tape was the ultimate sign that a guy really liked you. You could be dating and all, but it wasn’t serious (even by the teenage definition) until a Mix Tape was made and presented with much formality. Mix Tapes took time and effort to put together. It was a symbol of commitment.

Heck, if you got a Mix Tape, you were practically engaged. This was L-U-V.

Of course, the quality of the Mix Tape was very important. You couldn’t just slap together a few songs and call it done. Each song had to be hand-picked —meanings and possible associations were very important. And of course, the tape had to include “our song.” (And, to really date myself, I’ll tell you the choice of “our song” was usually either “Never Say Goodbye,” “Sweet Child of Mine,” or “Need You Tonight.”)

I thought the ability to download songs off the internet would revolutionize the Mix Tape. MUCH easier than trying to get LPs in just the right place and remembering to take the tape player off PAUSE without either leaving a huge gap or cutting off the opening bars of the song. Download, burn, give. Voila! Your affection is proven.

But the invention of the iPod has me worried about the future of the Mix Tape (or I guess it would be the Mix CD. It just doesn’t sound as good). Why go to all the trouble to gather all the favorite songs into one place when your beloved most likely has them all on the iPod already? Plus, if it’s on Shuffle, then you lose the wonderousness of knowing that “Two Princes” always follows “Listen to Your Heart.” You also lose the importance of that particular song combo. How do you tell a story in song when the songs are all out of order?

Do kids today even give each other Mix Tapes any more?

I’m truly afraid the age of the Mix Tape has passed. Sigh.

So, I want to make a Mix Tape today. What songs come to mind when you think of the Playground and the Playfriends? Y’all know us well enough now to make some associations. I’d put Cher’s “Just Like Jesse James” on the tape because when Kira and I drink, we like to sing it very loud and off-key. (The other Playfriends find this annoyingly amusing.) If I was feeling sappy and squishy, I’d put something like “That’s What Friends Are For.” I might even put “Mickey” on there to remind us of healthier knees.

Let me know what songs you’d pick for a Playground Mix Tape and why. I want to come up with a really awesome mix. (Shh, don’t tell the others, but if I can get a good play list and find all the songs, I’m going to make everyone a copy for a present for our 2nd birthday. If it’s a good mix, I’ll be making extra copies to give away to our Honorary Playfriends as well.)

And, yes, I’ll burn it to CD.


PS: I’m feeling much better now. I’m off the crutches, but still limping a bit (and stairs are still a pain). It wasn’t half as bad as I’d expected (or braced myself for). Thanks to everyone for your emails and good thoughts. I’ll be shakin’ my groove thang again in no time!

PPS: Jennifer LaBrecque returns to the Playground tommorrow to talk about her new NASCAR book. Check out the review, and bring your questions and comments!


Rhonda Nelson said...

I'd choose "Life's Been Good" for you guys. (Can't remember who sings it, but...)

Angel said...

Oh, this is hard. I'll have to think about it.

Funny, hubby and I were talking about this recently, because I told him I needed to make a CD of dance music for the retreat. :)


Angel said...

And as soon as I post that, it comes to me: Bon Jovi, the old stuff like You Gave Love a Bad Name and Livin on a Prayer. Reminds me of dancing at the Harlequin Party.


Playground Monitor said...

Gosh, when I was dating we couldn't make mix tapes because 8-track tapes were still the thing and you couldn't make your own. Well, you probably could but nobody I knew had the equipment to do it.

Oddly enough the first song that came to mind was "Will it Go Round in Circles" by Billy Preston. It reminds me of the little merry-go-round thingy at a playground. :snicker:

Next I thought of "You've Got a Friend in Me" by Randy Newman and Lyle Lovett from the "Toy Story" soundtrack. Could be cause Angel's taking time from her morning to take some photographs of me today.


Smarty Pants said...

This will take much thought - a mixed tape is nothing to trifle with. And I'm sorry to say they no longer do this. I did my last mixed taped in college and I believe that was near the end of that era.

- "Just like Jesse James" from a drunken retreat
- "Livin on a Prayer" and "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" for a late night driving along Loch Ness.
- "You Spin Me (Like a Record)" for no other reason than its the song my cell phone plays when one of you calls
- "Mickey" for the unfortunate knee incident
- "Dancing Queen" because I only dance with you all
- "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" cause we do
- "Paperback Writer" cause its funny and appropriate

More to come. CDs can hold a lot of songs!

Smarty Pants said...


- "I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends"
- "I'll be There For You" themesong from Friends
- "It's Raining Men" from the HQ party
- "Sweet Home Alabama" just cause I think its required by law in this state

more to come...

Instigator said...

The song that popped into my head was The Angel Song by Great White. It's one of my favorites.

Evanescence - Bring Me to Life, My Immortal and Call Me When You're Sober

Tim McGraw - Real Good Man (just cause it's great inspiration :o)

I will have to think more.


Problem Child said...

I knew SP would treat this with the gravity it deserves.

Ronda--that's Joe Walsh.

(Just writing that post put me into a Bon Jovi mood. "Stick to Your Guns" is blaring in the next room.)

MaryKate said...

"Friends in Low Places"? Oh wait, no, that's wrong. :biggrin:

You guys have listed some great ones! Glad to hear you're on the mend!

Jen said...

There's something wrong with me. Well, not that we didn't all know that anyway...but...no one's ever made me a mix tape. I didn't even know what it was. Sad. Pathetic. Unadored. that's me.

You have to include Carol King's "You've Got a Friend" on Playground mix tape. :)

Kathy said...

Great post, PC! Your topic really (dare I say it?), ROCKS. LOL.

Well, apparently mixed tapes are still given as signs of affection. My #4 was given one by her B-friend. ACK!!!! The significance defied logic until this post.

For you PC -POP, LOCK & DROP IT.
BUST A MOVE, anyone?
I'M TOO SEXY (for My Shirt).
ICE, ICE BABY (for the Divas).
That song Bette Midler sings from the Movie Beaches... (for friendship)
I'd love RAPER'S DELIGHT by the Sugar Hill Gang (just because, Whoop!)
BYE, BYE, BYE by INSYNC (for those nasty R's)
Robert Palmer's ADDICTED TO LOVE
Kool & The Gang's CELEBRATE
Genesis, I CAN'T DANCE (LOL, for PC)
DO IT ANYWAY, Martina McBride for insprition)
GLAMOROUS, Fergie (for the Rita)

Oooh, this is so much fun! I can't seem to stop.

(Glad to hear you're doing better.)
Second try rgbiy, Eleanor Rigby anyone?

Angel said...

Wow! Y'all are coming up with some great ones.


Problem Child said...

Jen, it is just too sad that you never got a mix tape.

Many moons ago, I made a set of mix tapes with 2 of my friends for a road trip. It took all night and I was totally toasted. DG had to come pick me up at 5am becuase the joy of mixing had worn off and I was still to drunk to walk, much less drive. I still have the tapes--5 of them--and they make great driving music. (Of course, I'm one of the few relics who still has a tape player in the car :))

I still have a couple from old boyfriends around here somewhere. Sigh...my wayward youth.

Problem Child said...

"Friends in Low Places" seems kinda appropos.

And if we're going to add some Prince, "Let's Go Crazy" would be my vote.

Maven LJ said...

"I Will Survive." (Gloria Gaynor, I think.)
"Authority Song" John Cougar Mellencamp
"Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing" Chris Isaak
"Which Way to the Top?" Fastball
"It's My Life" Bon Jovi.

LJ's contributions

catslady said...

I love the Friends in Low Places song lol.

Playground Monitor said...

Since we're so "into" music, perhaps we should include "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox When I Die" by Joe Diffie. *g*


Kathy said...

DO YOU KNOW, Enrique Eglesius. (that song always cheers me up)
WHAT GOES UP-MUST COME DOWN (for the seesaw on the playground)
IT'S GETTIN' HOT IN HERE, Nelly (for those of us hitting MentalPause LOL)

This is fun,
(Ishmk kindof Old Testament)
(no angglq, is that another way of saying angel?)

cas2ajs said...

Sadly, the only mix tapes I had were ones I made for myself. Let's see, we also need:

And here I go showing my age, but I think "Thank You for Being My Friend" , (theme from Maude) would be appropriate.

Dreamweaver by Gary Wright
On the Cover of the Rolling Stones by Dr. Hook
Dancing in the Dark by Springsteen
Lean on Me by Bill Withers
definitely need some REO Speedwagon


PC, I think you've created monsters . . .

Pat L. said...

After All - Peter Cetera/Cher

The duet with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Anything by Andrea Bocelli, partic. The Prayer with Celion Dion

Tell Him with Celion and Barbara S.

I Run for Hope ? by Melissa Etheridge

Anything by Chicago

The duet by Sting and Cheryl Crowe - as you can see, I am really good at titles.

Pat L. said...

Anything by Rod Stewart - particularly Maggie

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

Shania Twain - From This Moment On and Forever and Always

Ann Murray - Can I Have This Dance

See arent you glad you asked - LOL - once I get started.