Thursday, March 01, 2012

Whine About It Thursday

Ever have the kind of day where you just wish you'd stayed in bed? Yeah, that was my day yesterday. The girls were late for school, I was late for work, I got a speeding ticket, Sweet Pea and Zilla were both sick, I ended up working until 6:30 last night and then witnessed an altercation at Panera Bread when I finally stopped to pick up dinner at 7:30. By the end of the day I couldn't help but just laugh. And be grateful I had on clean underwear for the car accident I just knew was going to happen on the drive home (it didn't).

I'm not telling y'all this just to whine, although I have to admit it does help. At some point yesterday I saw an article on MSN that I thought would make a really great blog (it was about using dogs to 'massage' people by letting them walk across your back). Complete with videos. I thought it looked cute and funny. I clicked on the link so I could read the article and post my blog...but when I went to check the link about forty-five minutes later it hadn't loaded correctly. And the story was no longer up on the main page. And a google search provided me plenty of links to massage techniques to use on dogs...not quite what I was going for. So y'all don't have a blog about animals today. If anyone else read the article feel free to share.

Yeah, I'm hoping today is better. It really has to be. Feel free to whine about whatever's going on in your life. And to make everyone's day better, I'll be giving away a signed copy from my backlist to one commenter.



Playground Monitor said...

I'm tired of wearing this darned boot. I want it to be off and my foot to be healed. I've been dealing with the aftermath of my car accident for two months and I want it to be over. I really should feel grateful to be alive given how bad both cars looked.

pjk said...

Where do I start? I'm tired of my hair. I'm trying to let it grow out and it is driving me nuts. (And as soon as it gets long, I will probably cut it off.)
I'm tired of eating healthy and going to the gym every day. I want to eat junk food and relax at home.(But still be fit and healthy.)
I'm tired of cold weather. Although, it has been warmer lately. I want summer to get here. NOW!!!

Thanks Kira! I feel much better:)

Anonymous said...

Life always seems to punish people after vacation. After a week in Disney, DB called to say his truck broke down... in another state. Hoorah!

My whine... the diet coke McDonald's gave me this morning tasted weird and chemically, so I had to dump it out. I hate that. At least 20% of the time, I get real coke, flat Diet Coke, poorly mixed Diet Coke or funky diet coke.

Jane said...

Although we've had what many consider a mild winter I'm ready for spring. No more cold rainy days. I'm also trying to fight my urge to buy tons of Easter candy. I can't get away from the candy when I go to the store. They're in every aisle.

Angel said...

Oh, Lordy!! Well, I'm feeling much more relaxed thanks to our little vacation, but I came home to a ton of work. :( At least I'm in a better frame of mind to do it, right? Ah, who am I kidding... :P

chey said...

I'm ready for spring too.
I hope you had a better day today.

Anonymous said...

The weather, rain now, darn groundhog
Lol,lazy people
Congrats on the books, hot series thanks