Friday, March 23, 2012

Blog Tour, Stop 3

Today is stop 3 of 10 for my blog tour. I've been writing posts and answering interview questions for days in preparation. I've shared my writing process, my journey to publication, my favorite dessert and what romance character I most identify with. (That one was hard!) I've blogged on facing fears, reality television, call stories and fresh starts. I've also written quite a bit on my current WIP, a twelve page synopsis, and put together a promotional booklet. All this has left me at a loss as to what to talk about today on my normal blog day! I'm all out of words!
So, some fun tidbits. My newsletter is up and ready to send out. The first edition will go out on April 3rd - launch day. To be sure you get the inaugural copy, sign up for the newsletter at : Signing up will earn you a bonus entry in my contest for the sea-glass necklace. You'll get another entry for commenting here and at the other blogs on the tour. Every entry counts. The first issue of the newsletter will include some fun pictures, info on my debut, and even a recipe for a cookie I'm just dying to bake. You don't want to miss out! Nutella, anyone?
Here's something else cool to share - my first international cover. I'm coming out in a 2-in-1 with Heidi Betts in May in Australia. I've heard I'm out in India in April, but I can't find a cover yet. I'll post it when I do.
56+I'm going to be participating in three reader events and book signings in the next month. The first is at the Barbara Vey Readers' Appreciation Luncheon, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Tuesday, April 10th. Right after that is the Romantic Times Convention in Chicago from April 11-15th. Next is the Heart of Dixie Readers' Luncheon in Huntsville, Alabama on May 5. All the events include book signings and opportunities to visit with me and a slew of other authors. All these events should be a lot of fun.
Be sure to pop in over the next month and join me on my blog tour. Of course, I'll always be blogging here on Friday's, but I'll be popping up all over the internet. As a reader, do you enjoy getting to meet your favorite authors in person? What kind of questions do you like to ask? I need to study in advance so I'm prepared for my first events!
Here's the remaining blog tour line up:
03/26/12 - Book Reading Gals
03/28/12 - Authorial Moms
04/02/12 - Get Lost In A Story
04/05/12 - Okay, Listen Here
04/08/12 - Love Cats Down Under Sunday Smooch
04/09 - 04/15 I'm at the Romantic Times Conference in Chicago. If you attend, come find me at the signing for a super bonus entry!
04/18/12 - Minxes of Romance
04/25/12 - Pink Heart Society
04/27/12 - The winner is announced on the Writing Playground!
Blog Tour & Contest! Don't forget my blog tour contest! Receive an entry for commenting (one per blog) and a second for signing up for my newsletter ( The winner will receive a pink sea-glass heart locket pendant and a personalized autographed copy of What Lies Beneath. Small Print: The winner will be chosen at random after the conclusion of the blog tour – Friday, April 27th and announced on the Writing Playground blog ( The winner will have 7 days to contact the author at with her mailing information or the prize will be forfeited and re-awarded.
Our winner Free Book Friday is Lucinda! Email me at author @ andrealaurence (dot) com with your snail mail info to claim your fabulous book. :)


pjk said...

Oh my gosh Andrea! You have so much going on. It all sounds so exciting. Congrats!

BW said...


It would be very interesting to show the India cover. Will the book be in English though or Hindi?

Playground Monitor said...

I'm exhausted just reading the tour itinerary! What a terrific blog tour.

I always like asking authors what books they have coming up. And if they'd be willing to do a guest blogger appearance here. ;-)

robertsonreads said...

What a busy woman you are and will be down the road. But isn't it exciting that your dreams are coming true? Enjoy the fun and ride.

chey said...

Sounds like you're going to be busy for a while!

Laurie G said...

I really haven't met any authors on blog tours. I imagine that I would be more tongue tied than you. Best wishes for continued success.

I like learning about your likes and interests, your family, how you got started...things that make you and approachable.

Anonymous said...

congrats great books and great arreviews whooo
hot covers

bn100 said...

Congratulations on the book! It sounds very good.