Friday, March 30, 2012

Draw... Um... Something

First, I would like to thank Instigator for - being true to her moniker - getting me started on something that can be quite the time suck. Draw Something. It's a free app for my iPhone where you play a sort of Pictionary with your friends to earn coins.

The trick? You have to draw with your finger. Your big, clunky finger. My fingernail won't work. You also only get four colors to start. You have to buy more with coins and I don't have enough yet. So you only get black, red, yellow and blue. And no, blue and yellow don't mix to make green. They just write over the other color. Do you know how hard it is to get someone to guess trees when they have black trunks and blue leaves? You've got to have a broad imagination, that's for sure.

For each round, you're given your choice of three words/things to draw at various coin values. You can choose to draw a 'bone' for 1 coin, a 'turtle' for 2, and 'fencing' for 3. I've gotten everything from meteoroid to airport, fairy to ewok. (I'm fairly certain geeks designed this game because I've also gotten Spock.) You draw and submit it, then continue going back and forth guessing with your friends. Here, for example, is my miserable attempt to get Instigator to guess 'ringtone.' What? No, it's not a jukebox. You mean you can't tell that's an iPhone? What's wrong with you?
Aside from the pictures being hilariously awful, the game is kinda addictive. I find myself checking the app constantly to see if its my turn again. Anything fun sucking up your extra time, lately? Cause, you know, I have time to blow...

PS. Just in case you might have forgotten, MY BOOK COMES OUT TUESDAY!! So crazy.


Playground Monitor said...

Addictive, huh? That's why I'd never download this. I had to take Angry Birds off because I kept playing and kept trying to get through each level.

I keep looking for your book, hoping they'll shelve them early. I've known Walmart to shelve on the Friday or Saturday before release day. I'll keep you posted!

Julie Miller said...

Angry Birds is my distraction of choice. When I get stuck on a level, I go back and try to earn more stars on previous levels.

My son plays the Draw Something game, and I'm intrigued. But he got me hooked on Angry Birds, so I'm thinking I don't need another distraction. ;)

Looking forward to seeing your big debut book!

Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

I even put in iPhone because I had the frickin' letters for that...but the word was longer. I even went wayback and tried to make walkman out of the letters I had. It made sense when I saw the answer...they all do. :-) I've gotten some pretty hilarious things. And I've missed some that I kicked myself over. It's definitely my new addiction.


P.S. It's your turn...

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

And my cell phone is in a bin at the front desk of my office, so you'll have to wait!