Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Would You Buy?

I was perusing one of the news web pages this morning and a story popped up that caught my attention. It was about the extravagant things that wealthy people buy and included a pigeon, a pocket watch and a $1 Billion dollar home.

The only thing I could think was that I'd find a better way to use my money. Really? A pigeon!?! I have enough critters at my house I do not need another one. Especially one that most people consider a nuisance.

So I started thinking about the things I would splurge on. Bigger house and fancier car aside, I settled on some things I think are actually pretty tame in comparison the list given.

A hot air balloon would be my first purchase. I've wanted one for years, ever since I started crewing for a local balloon festival my junior year in high school. I've flown several times and there's just nothing like the peace you can find floating through the air.

I also wanted to take an African safari, but then I realized I was probably thinking a little too small...especially in comparison with a billion dollar house. I upgraded to a trip around the world, visiting all those places of my bucket list that I'll probably only see a handful of - Africa, Ireland, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand, Hawaii, Alaska... There are so many beautiful places in the world and if given the chance I'd want to experience them all.

So, assuming you win the $500 Mega Millions jackpot tomorrow what would you buy?



Playground Monitor said...

I'm right there with you on that trip around the world. And I'd pay off my kids' student loans and set up a college fund for GrandBaby so she could go anywhere she wanted.

But first, I'd have to buy a lottery ticket. LOL!

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

Practically, I'd get the taxes held out and put a large chunk into investments so I don't end up back in the trailer a few years later. Get a good accountant and financial planner. Pay off my debt. My mom's debt. Give a small chunk to my near family and tell them to enjoy it, that's all they're getting. I'd set up a college fund for LS. I'd buy DB a motocross track and I'd never see him again.

I'd buy an apartment in Manhattan, a cabin in the mountains and a house on the beach, then I'd just travel between the three as my inspiration called. I'd take one of those world cruises with the nicest suite on board.

I'd make an appointment with the best plastic surgeon I could find and get a total body overhaul.

And then, just to be silly, I'd get a fully restored and pimped out 1986 Corvette in metallic magenta just like I had for my Barbie. :)

Tina S. said...

I'd definitely give some to my local library! ;O)
Maybe they'd name a room after me...or my cat:
"Please, step this way into the Hobbes Curl-up-on-the Couch Reading Room"!

Angel said...

I've always loved the idea of winning the lottery, and being able to buy a new car for myself and my mom. :) Hubby and I would build our dream house and I'd have a mountain house to get away to. And definitely travel. :)