Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When you turn mom upside down she's wow!

I have Mom on the mind because mine had emergency surgery on Monday night. She's still in the hospital and they're not quite sure what's going on. We're waiting for the pathology reports to come in with some official diagnoses, but right now we're hoping it's just a low-grade infection . I may be flying to her place on Friday to help when she comes home from the hospital. It's the least I can do to repay her for bandaging skinned knees, drying tears and nursing me through countless colds, the chicken pox, measles, mumps and icky stomach viruses.

Sunday is Mother's Day and this is in honor of all moms.

Of course, no post about mothers would be complete without embarrassing motherhood stories. What's your best one?

P.S. Today is Smarty Pants's birthday so please take time to wish her a happy birthday. We hope she enjoys the cake.

P.P.S. Pat L and tetewa are yesterday's winners. Please contact Problem Child with your name and snail mail address to claim your goodie bags.

Tomorrow's guest blogger is Linda Howard. She'll be talking about her latest release -- Raintree: Inferno -- and anything else she wants to talk about. Don't miss it!


Rhonda said...

PM, will send up a prayer for your mom. Hugs!

SP, Happy Birthday!!!!

Kathy said...

PM, I'll keep your mother in my prayers. Blessings to you too.

Happy Birthday, SP!!! May it be filled with laughter, love, party favors, and memories to last a lifetime.

Love the birthday buns! :-)

Know exactly what the mother's poem means. I watched my # 1 leave on a shuttle to bootcamp. Pride and concern filled my heart. Memories of his childhood flashed before my eyes and I saw my grown up baby walk away a man. Conflicting powerful gut wrenching emotions. And so many mothers out there have experienced the same but have watched their sons and daughters march off to war only never to return. Let's keep those mothers in our thoughts, especially on Sunday.


Instigator said...

There's nothing in this world like a mother is there? I'll keep yours in my thoughts and prayers, PM.


Are you turning an interesting shade of red or do I need to call you up on the phone and sing again?


Angel said...

OMG! Where did you find that birthday beef cake? Yum! Happy Birthday, SP!!!!

I think about my mother a lot. She lives far enough away that I don't get to see her often enough. Maybe once a year. This year she's coming to stay with my children while I'm in Scotland. Even better, she'll be here the day before I leave, which just happens to be my birthday. So this year I get to celebrate with my twin sister AND my mom. How cool is that?

I'm not going to comment on my own motherhood experiences, because then I'll start to cry.... *world peace* fans face *world peace*

Smarty Pants said...

I'm sufficiently red, thanks. I turn red just thinking about someone singing to me.

So far so good. 28 wears well on me. :)

Thanks, everyone!

My mom is awesome. I can't elaborate or I'll get teary and redfaced.

Problem Child said...

Hey, my mom's the one who gave me the Chlorosecptic instead of a breath strip on Saturday!

HAppy B-day SP! In celebration, you may lick your salt lamp again.

PM, hugs and prayers to your mom.

Smarty Pants said...

I will refrain further from licking the salt lamp. Its salty, I know that now. I just had to kill my curiosity. I'd never heard of a lamp like that before. It's very cool. :)

Maureen said...

Definitely thinking of your mom.

Happy birthday Smarty Pants!

robynl said...

Thoughts are with you and your Mom. Happy Birthday to SP and many more.
My Mom was awesome and I wished she was still alive so I could say more.

catslady said...

Those were good! Happy Birthday Smarty Pants.

Pat L. said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day, SP.

PM - my regards and prayers for your mom.

I sent my mailing info. Thanks again.