Thursday, May 31, 2007

And Kitten Makes Three

Well, tomorrow we will be the proud owners of a kitten. We lost Garrett on Monday (after a $200 trip to the vet's office. I don't mind the money to get rid of the wolf worm he had but half of that went to neuter him. Sigh.)

It is quickly becoming dangerous for pets at our house. Along with Ming and Garrett, we lost 4 baby bunnies last week (she was a new momma and didn't take care of them. By the time we realized it was too late to foster them with another bunny). Yes, we live on a farm. No, this isn't the first time we've lost animals. But before they were goats or chickens, things that lived in the barn. Not things that curled up with me in bed at night. PC has pissed off the water gods, apparently, I've pissed off Saint Francis of Assisi.

So, we're getting a kitten. Garrett was actually Sweet Pea's cat. And when DH called to tell me, letting her have another kitten was the only thing I could do. I was standing in the Old Navy dressing room, one jean leg on, half naked. Sweet Pea was sobbing in the background and I couldn't get to her to hold her and make it alright. I told her she could have another kitten instead.

My family thinks I'm crazy. And I'd have to agree with them. But my girls have dealt with enough death over the past month. At the moment, Sweet Pea is focusing on that new kitten and that's the way I want to keep it.

So, any advice on kittens? I'm hoping they come litter box trained *laughs hysterically*



Rhonda said...

You must post a picture of the new addition when you get him/her. Advice? :-)

Smarty Pants said...

Most kittens are litter box trained by their mothers. Make sure the one they pick isn't from an abandoned litter otherwise you might have to train them yourself. Also, if you get one thats 2 or 3 months old, instead of 6 weeks, they'll be a little better adjusted.

Good luck with all that. :)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Aw, hugs on poor Garrett. :(

Funny you should mention kittens. We just got one a week ago today. We were told he was 7 weeks. I took him to the vet only to find out he was 4 weeks old. :(

SP is right about the litter box, but this little guy must have had a little bit of training because he took right to it. The vet told me that if he did his #2 business outside the box, to put it inside the box and leave it there so he got the idea. Also, to frequently put him in the box (if he hasn't figured it out). Never scold him while he's in there though, and don't interrupt if he starts something. Oh, and don't use clumping litter with a kitten. If they swallow some, it swells inside their little tummies and intestines.

He's eating solid food, but I haven't introduced him to my other cat yet. (Be sure to get an HIV/FLV test at the vet before introducing the kitten to another cat -- this one was negative, which was good). In order to protect him, when I'm gone or busy with the other cat, I leave him in an empty bathroom with his box, water, food, a bed, and a radio (up high).

The vet gave me some great pamphlets about little kitties that were very helpful (the radio idea came from there). And that's the extent of my knowledge about kittens. :)

Good luck with the baby. They are so sweet cute.

Kathy said...

Blogger ate my other post, Instigator. I'll try again.

I love kittens! Except when they jump onto the curtains and shred them as gravity pulls them down toward the floor. :-)

Make sure you take the kitten to the litter box to show her where it is and so she/he can smell that's where certain things are done. Do that a few times a day at first. You shouldn't have any problems after that.

Enjoy Sweet Pea's wonderful expressions of joy!


Problem Child said...

With the death rate, I'm not sure *I* want to come by your house--much less bring an animal. :-)

Kittens are funny. Maybe once we move, we can figure out a way to keep DG seperate from a cat and get one for AC.

Playground Monitor said...

Great kitten info, Lynn. You don't have any solutions for a 14 year old cat who's decided my dining room rug is a better place to poop than her litter box, do you? Thankfully she still does #1 in the box.

So sorry to hear about Garrett. And you're a good person, Instigator. Maybe a little nuts, but good at heart. :grin:


catslady said...

Sounds like you got good advice. You didn't say where you were getting your kitten from. 6 - 12 wks. is a good time to get one and hopefully it was handled by a human in that time. I raised one from a few weeks and have taken older ferals too and strays and I happen to be getting another one myself in a few weeks (no. 7 lol).
So sorry about Garrett.

Instigator said...

We're going to adopt from our local animal shelter. We looked at getting a free one but the price for spay/neuter was about the same and this way we're saving a cat :-)


Angel said...

When you put her (or him) in the little box, don't just set her in there. Use her paws to dig in the litter, which will activate her own instincts to dig and (hopefully) teach her to bury.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I did do what Angel said about digging, and he took right to it. He tells me now when he needs to go. It's so cute. If I have him out playing, he'll start meowing at me really loud. I take him to his room and set him down and he hops right in the box.

Sorry, PM, don't know a thing about 14 yr old cats deciding to poop on rugs. :(