Monday, May 28, 2007


Oh dear, I'm in trouble now!!! I totally forgot that this was Monday, my day to blog. This weekend was filled with dance rehearsal and recital for Drama Queen, then Sunday at home organizing more of the house. I'm grateful that our recital went more smoothly than Problem Child's and also that it is over. The downside is that now DQ has decided she wants to take another year of dance.

Today, Instigator, Smarty Pants and I are embarking on a little shopping excursion before seeing the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. We're all very excited! There's just something about Johnny Depp in eyeliner... and Orlando Bloom is nothing to sneeze at either. I didn't care for him as much before the Pirate series, I think because he was a little too young for me. But now that he's full-grown, all out male... yum!

Anyway, that's my ramblings for this Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and tune in tomorrow for Problem Child, who I'm sure will be much more prepared than I was today. :)



Instigator said...

Happy Memorial Day to all our veterans and those serving our country now!

I'm so excited about seeing Pirates. I can't wait!


Kathy said...

The blog. The blog. So glad to be back responding to the blog!!

With our servicemen and women on my mind, I salute you all for serving our country and remember all who died to give me peace.

Pirates of the Caribbean! I beat you. I beat you. I saw it Saturday only because I was flying back home from vaca on Friday and didn't get back in time.

Yes! Yes! Yes! A perfect ending! A wonderful movie! Johnny, oh Johnny! (Repeat this to Meg Ryan's scene in the diner.) I want to go see it again and again!

So glad the recital went well, Angel. Dancing is good for balance and self-confidence, don't forget? You want DQ to be graceful don't you? These lessons can be useful in making sure not to knock people over at inopportune moments. :-)

Enjoy your outing!


Problem Child said...

I completely forgot today was Monday...I'm sunburnt and lazy though, so it was a good day.

No pressure for tomorrow, huh? Thanks

Angel said...

I must say that while Johnny did indeed rock (and the boat with multiple Johnny's on it is Smarty Pants's idea of heaven), I was all about Orlando Bloom in this one. Um, um, good.