Thursday, May 03, 2007

Angel is AWOL!

With Angel currently MIA, you’re stuck with me again. (Lucky you. Two PC posts in one week!) Okay, so she’s not actually AWOL or MIA, since we know where she is, and all codependence aside, she is allowed to do things without Playfriend approval.

We're just missing her, that's all. We're a party of five, darn it. Four is an odd number for us.

The sad and tragic fact is that Angel is without internet access. (Collective Gasp!) And has been for several days, bless her heart. If she’s lucky, she’ll be back online sometime today.

I’d be nuts by now. Oh, who am I kidding, if my internet goes down for longer than two minutes, I go into withdrawal. I’d be homicidal by now.

Hello, my name is Problem Child and I have an internet addiction.

I’m not addicted to online gaming or porn or even chat rooms. It’s mostly my email I can’t live without. I check my email obsessively. Obsessively. If I click “send/receive” and nothing shows up, I click it again in disbelief. Granted, the Playfriends are responsible for a lot of the email in my in box, but if I don’t get 30 or more emails, I feel unloved. Forgotten. Disconnected from the universe and my people. Alone in suburbia.

I don’t know how I lived before email. Heck, I don’t know how I survived before high speed access. I’ll never forget how DG worked so hard to convince me that high speed was something we needed. He snared me with the “we’ll try it for a month and if you don’t like it, we’ll cancel it” trap.

Yeah, right. That’s how crack dealers catch their new customers too. After 30 days of high speed bliss, there was no way in hell anyone was taking that away from me.

We are a family of three. We have three computers—all of which are networked together on a wireless router so we can all access the internet at once. Yep, even AC. Have you ever seen a five-year-old bemoan a slow web page? It’s downright funny. All of a sudden, I become my grandmother—“When I was your age, Missy, we didn’t even have a computer. We had to play games on boards with pieces. And we had to make our own sounds as we did.”

Dear dog, get me my cane.

So have you sold your soul to your internet service provider? And how soon after Angel’s connection is restored do you think she’ll show up here?


Rhonda said...

*shamefully raises hand*


I, too, am addicted to the internet and like you, PC, share a specific affinity for email. When I log on every morning, Barry White welcomes me back and when he says, "Where you been, baby, you've got mail," I tell ya, I get a little thrill.

It's wonderful. :::sigh:::

Smarty Pants said...

My name is SP, and I am an internet addict. I am on it all day at work, then I come home at night and get on it again. If it goes down, I get frustrated and confused - what am I supposed to be doing?? Its sad, but DB and I are convinced that if we don't get on it, it will go down. Its like believing in fairies - if you don't, they will eventually all die.

My temporary apartment comes with everything but a phone. I'm only there for a month, but neither DB or I can live without internet (and high speed at that). We considered turning on a phone just so we could get DSL, but then I realized we can just add on cable internet to the internet provided in the apartment. Crisis averted!

Jen said...

I am pathetically addicted. And I predict Angel will be on the second she has connection. ;-)

Kathy said...

Hello, my name is Kathy and I'm an internet addict. My story is simple. Technically challenged mother of 4 is shown how to access the internet. Though my descent into the cyber void was initially slow, like PC, once high speed access was installed, it was as though I'd been visited by a beam of light and heard angels singing strains of the Hallelujah chorus. Yes, after ascending great heights of joy conversing with friends via e-mail, my DH, the very man who gave me my first hit, wants to know why I can't stop checking my e-mail. Is he daft?

So bad is my habit that # 3 kitty insists on jumping into my lap to comfort me when access is denied and (dare I say it?) my temper flairs. Oh, at times like those my woe is great. And so my heart aches for Angel right now. May she be able to sign on again soon. She is greatly missed in the cyber realm.


Playground Monitor said...

Angel will be here approximately thirty seconds after her internet is restored.

Nobody had to twist my arm to get high speed internet. We had a home-bsed business that required a lot of online work and I was tired of slow dial-up and losing connections halfway through a transaction. I hounded one of the local cable companies to notify me immediately when they put service into our neighborhood. The DH was happy too cause he could never call home without getting a busy signal. I was supposed to have something that notified me of a phone call but it never worked right.

I'm not as bad as I used to be, but I still spend a lot of time online, which the DH fusses about. Or at least he did until I sold my first short story. He congratulated me and asked where I got the idea for it. "From the internet," I replied and he hasn't said a word since.


Instigator said...

We miss you Angel!

My name is Instigator, and I am an internet addict. We need to get t-shirts printed :-)

It takes me thirty minutes from the moment I leave work to pick up the child (or children depending on the day) and walk into my front door. DH is fantastic and always has dinner ready to go at that moment. Do I sit down at the table to eat and converse with my family? Not until I've checked my email cause heaven only knows what might have happened in those 30 minutes.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Of course the second step is wanting to actually do something about it. Which I don't. ;-D


Smarty Pants said...

I am sad to say that I had to work away from my desk for 2 hours this morning and felt a little sick when I came back and found things happened without me. Ack!

Instigator said...

Things happened? What things? I missed something. How could I miss something? My email must be broken. I'll have to call someone ;-D


Smarty Pants said...

Nothing major, just postings, emails...the world going by without me. Doesn't have to be exciting for me to get annoyed if I miss it.

Rhonda said...

Instigator, did I read that right? Did you say your HUSBAND has dinner ready for YOU when YOU get home???

Instigator said...

Yep :-) He goes to work about 4 and gets home in the early afternoon. He's home for several hours usually before I get there with the girls so it just makes sense. Besides, he likes to eat early and I don't get home until 5:30 or 6:00.

He also cleans and does the laundry.

I'm very lucky!


Problem Child said...

Hmmm, still no Angel. Wonder what's taking the internet guy so long...

Smarty Pants said...

Probably will be there between 12 and 4 - you know how cable companies are...

Lis said...

I too am an internet addict, with a special addiction to email. We just got dsl light last year and there's NO way I'd go back to dial up. Took half a day to get a software update that now takes half an hour.

And I'm saying Angel reappears 45 seconds after internet resumes. Afterall, she's gotta check email lol

Playground Monitor said...

I don't know how long it took from the first signal til she emailed us, but...

Angel's back!

catslady said...

I'm addicted, I admit it lol. I don't care that I'm not getting the housekeeping done but it's keeping me from my reading for goodness sake. and woe is me, I'm still dial up.