Sunday, May 13, 2007

Surprise, Surprise!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! Yes, I realize I'm a day late, but the thought still counts.

I had a really nice Mother's Day, but we'll get to that later. The Playfriends celebrate motherhood all around. Most all of us are mothers (poor Andrea just gets to hear about our child-rearing dramas... I mean, adventures), and we all have mothers. We appreciate the love, commitment, and sheer energy involved in raising children. So we want to say a big THANK YOU to all the Moms out there.

For those of you who are wondering, Playground Monitor's mother is doing better. (See full report below.) She's recovering slowly from her surgery, but PM has flown out there to be with her. She hopes to bring her home from the hospital early this week.

I had the pleasure of talking to my Mom on the phone yesterday and ironing out the details for her visit in June. Though I won't get to spend more than a day with her, I'm excited about that day being my birthday. This year I get to spend it with my twin sister AND my mother. What fun! The next day I'll fly with the Playfriends to Scotland and leave my children in my Mother's capable hands while my hubby is at work. I know she'll cherish this chance to spend uninterrupted time with them.

My husband went out of his way to treat me special this year. He knew the desire of my heart and bought me a NEW CAR!!!! Well, it's new to me, and he traded in my old one for it. He surprised me with a black Dodge Durango on Saturday night. And I mean really surprised, because even though we'd talked about trading my car in, I figured it would be at least a few more months. Wasn't that incredibly awesome of him? As a bonus, he threw in a lower car payment. Now that's a prince!!!

I love Mother's Day. Not just because my husband and children go out of their way to show me their appreciation, but because it reminds me of how blessed I am to be a mother. Despite terrible twos (Lord, help me!), tears (their's and mine), and the constant battle to get them to put away their crap (I mean, stuff), there isn't anything like the feeling of holding your child in your arms. Hearing your two year old say "I love you, Mommy" for the first time. Cheering them on as they grow and learn new responsibilities. Through years of infertility, I never thought I'd experience it. Now I have. Times two.

I hope all of you had wonderful Mother's Days, surrounded by your own Mother and children, if you have them. Or at least with wonderful memories of those you love. So tell me how you spent your Mother's Day, what presents you got or gave, and what you did to treat yourself. (You better have treated yourself, if only just for ten minutes!) I unpacked boxes (trust me, I wanted to) and didn't cook! How about you?



Jen said...

Angel, I think your DH is a keeper! ;-) Love the car surprise and glad you had such a lovely day.

Rhonda said...

Angel, congrats on the new car!!! What a wonderful surprise!

Problem Child said...

I did absolutely nothing. Seriously. I stayed in the bed watching brainless TV and reading while DG took care of AC and brought me meals. :-)

Smarty Pants said...

Being the mother of furbabies doesn't rank you much in terms of gifts, so I focused instead on my mom. I had flowers sent to her work on Thursday. Then yesterday, I took her out to lunch and shopping. I bought her a starbucks drink. Then my stepdad made dinner and I went over there to eat and helped clean up. Good day overall.

That's awesome about the car. I'm glad PM's mom is doing better. Happy Mother's Day all round.

Instigator said...

I agree, your DH is a keeper!

I started the day at Cracker Barrel with my family - blew the diet and enjoyed every bite of biscuit and french toast. Then I spent the rest of the day working on my book. I finally finished it. Now I just need to do a quick read through to smooth a few things here and there.

DH also brought me home dinner - he went out with his family but I was exempt from the requirement ;-)


Kathy said...

Wow! What a surprise. A new car! You really did have a great Mother's Day, Angel.

I had a great day. My family took me to eat at my favorite restaurant after church. And, I finally got to relax, nap and watch some t.v. So very relaxing.

Gifts? # 3 got me a rose, a candle and my favorite chocolates. Isn't he the sweetest? The girls, # 2 & 4 got me some jewelry and books to read at the beach. And I got a wonderful phone call from # 1 son. All in all, a very blessed day.

Blessings to all!

Playground Monitor said...

I am here with my mom so I got to spend time with her even if she is in the hospital. Both my boys called and the DH did too. #1 son said he cancelled the flower order when he found out I was leaving town and arranged to have them delivered next week. Isn't that sweet?

I'm treating myself to a nice shrimp dinner tonight at my fave restaurant here, The Crab Trap. Mmmmmm, good!