Sunday, May 13, 2007

Progress Report on PM's Mom

Some of you have asked about my mother and I really appreciate your concern. I arrived on St. Simons Island late Friday afternoon (flight from Huntsville to Charlotte was a but bumpy and the flight from Charlotte to Jacksonville was delayed two hours and then I had to rent a car and drive 60 miles to SSI) and went straight to the hospital. My mom is still very weak but is recuperating well and getting stronger every day. The doctor originally said she would be released yesterday, but on Friday he amended it to Tuesday because she's still too weak to be at home. She began eating soft foods Friday and graduated to real food yesterday. We told her we'd get her a hot dog from Willie's Weenie Wagon when she's ready for it.

She told me they made her climb Mt. Everest yesterday and walk around the world today(which translates to walking across her room, a few steps down the hall and back to her room). Her sense of humor tells me she must be feeling better. They took out the morphine pump too so she's off the happy juice.

All her pathology reports came back negative for cancer so that was a big relief, and I'm sure the peace of mind will help speed my mother's recovery.

I'll let her know that the Playground friends were asking about her and I know she'll appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.


Kathy said...

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I'm glad to hear your Mother is doing well, PM! A sense of humor is important at times like these and certainly a good sign that your Mom is feeling better. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.


Problem Child said...

Very good news, PM!

Tell your mom Hello from all of us and let her know we're sending speedy recovery energy her way.

Jen said...

PM, so glad the test came back negative for cancer!! And glad you arrived without serious mishap. So glad you could spend the day with her!!

Rhonda said...

PM, glad to hear that you Mom is going to be okay! Here's wishes her a speedy recovery!