Friday, May 25, 2007

Closing a Chapter

Well, it’s done. I turned over the keys and picked up my check at closing. I ran from the building like it was on fire and went straight to the bank (by way of Arby’s) to deposit it before they changed their mind. So far, so good. I am no longer a home owner, much less a dual home owner, which was my biggest fear.

It was kinda sad to walk through my empty house – a house I had built and picked out every detail from the colors to the flooring. It was my baby, my first house ever. Now it belongs to a nice couple from Massachusetts. It’s their first house too, so there’s some poetic justice to it all. I laid in bed all last night worrying about closing and something going wrong. Of course, in my dreams, the problems were absurd dream-type problems like unwanted monkeys in the attic. All this time, since I got the initial offer, I never really believed that all of this would actually happen – something was bound to go wrong. The inspection would be a mess or the appraisal would come in below the offer, their credit would tank and they’d lose their loan, termites...something. But everything turned out fine. What a relief. I feel like the weight of the entire house has been taken off my shoulders.

In other good news, the builder is scheduling my closing on the new house for after my return from Scotland. Although I’d like to be settled in the house and out of my apartment before I go, this allows me the time to relax and enjoy my time in between, including the trip to Scotland. DB is mightily excited to be so close to Chick Fil A and the world in general, after being 30 minutes from anything for so long. He might not even miss me the two weeks I’m gone with so many culinary options nearby – Subway, Chinese, Pizza Hut, McD’s, Checkers, Wendy’s, Arbys...who needs me anymore?

The question I have now what? This move has been occupying my brain for months. I’ve been preparing to sell, preparing to move, etc. since January. Now it’s done. If I moved straight into the new house, I’d probably be able to start obsessing about decorating or whatever, but I’m a solid month away from that. Almost two weeks out of those four will be in Scotland, but the rest of the time, what am I going to do?

Write the dumb book? Is that what I heard you say? Perhaps. I need to jump on the literary bandwagon and get the rough draft of this book cranked out ASAP. Maybe for once my mind will be uncluttered enough to actually focus on the story and the characters.

But I think for a few days, I’m going to revel in nothingness. Nothingness! How wonderful. Calls for champagne and non-WW approved goodies. What have you celebrated lately? Lets all celebrate together!



Angel said...

Like you, my move left me feeling like a whole weight had been lifted. I've organized the essentials and am getting around to everything else as I can, but I'm in no rush. I felt good about it when my Dad said, "You've been in this house 2 weeks? You are surprisingly organized, I must say."

Right now I'm celebrating not having to get up a 6:30 every morning and start my day with feet running. I don't like that, but that's how the school year works. Now I can sleep a little later and ease into my day. Creativity is coming back in little wisps that get bigger every day. Oh, and some pretty summer clothes that I bought this week.

Just do what I'm doing. Now that the house stuff is behind me, I'm obsessing over Scotland. :)

Playground Monitor said...

I remember those monkeys-in-the-attic dreams well even though it's been two years since we sold our house and bought this one. Congrats on the closing! Glad you got the closing on the new one scheduled for later. Just let your mind chill for a while. it's been so overloaded from the move that it needs a rest.

I'm celebrating that my mom is recuperating and getting stronger every day after her surgery two weeks ago.


Instigator said...

Congrats on selling your house! I know you're relieved to have it over. And Angel is right, now you can join the rest of us in obsessing over Scotland :-)

I'm celebrating finishing my book and sending it in WOO HOO! I thought it would take me weeks to decompress and let my creative well refill. Actually, my next characters have been bugging the snot out of me for days. I'm going to put them off for the weekend - we're involved in a hot air ballooning festival - but come Tuesday, I'm starting the new book. I can't wait :-)


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Congrats on closing, SP! I sympathize with the moving and the feeling of loose ends. We closed on this house the last day of April, but didn't get our stuff from storage until last Wednesday, so that's the official date we moved in. I've got boxes still to go through, but we've unpacked most of them. Quite a shock considering my house in Hawaii seemed so crammed with stuff. :) I think this house is 3 times bigger though. :)

It's great your builder is accomodating on closing. Ours was too, but I find that getting some of the punch list stuff done now that we're in is a bit more difficult. :/

I'd tell you not to obsess about the next move, but I'd be hypocritical if I did. I was so wrapped up in this whole process that I couldn't focus on anything else. It's just a nice feeling to finally get moved, and I can say that I'm feeling relaxed again.

Enjoy that trip to Scotland, and if you don't get a rough draft of a book done before you move, don't sweat it. :) You'll get it done after.

Congrats on getting your book sent off, Instigator!

Pat L. said...

Enjoy your trip to Scotland and looking forward to hearing about.

We are still in our first house, so I can only imagine how sad it must have been to do that walk-thru.

You will have more memories to make in your new home.