Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Extreme Office Makeover Revisited

According to my desk calendar, today is "National Organize Your Home Office Day." Regardless of whether your home office is just for your personal business affairs or for a business that generates revenue -- or both -- your productivity, your quality of life and your peace of mind will benefit if it's organized.

In January of last year I blogged about Extreme Office Makeover. I have my own office in the house and I wanted to create a sanctuary -- my own little enclave where I can retreat to create or read or like I did this afternoon after a morning of washing windows, nap. It's been a long time coming, but after haunting every sale for the last two months, I've almost got it done.

This is before.

And here is the "after" in various stages of development.

My desk before I hung some art over it and before I moved the silk fern (is there any other kind?) where it actually goes. I also put a red-striped French memo board beside the desk to hold photos, cards and the like. You'll see it a little later on.

A small antique desk I use for craft work. I got the valances at Lowe's. They are a red and beige check -- hard to tell in the light. The old lamp from my son's bedroom in the other house is still sitting in the corner.

The futon with the art that will go over it. It's metal art and I just have to get the DH to help put it up. Requires the laser level. Notice the attractive tv tray end table? :-/ But I do have a new floor lamp now.

After a month of trying to order a table online, and having it damaged both times it was shipped, I told them to refund my money and I found this end table at Hobby Lobby on sale. Looks better than the tv tray, doesn't it? And I have cut the tag off. I just wanted to make sure before I did. The leather magazine holder came from Ross -- on senior discount day. *g*

I framed three of my magazine covers to go over my desk. Neat, huh? I'd never have thought of it but the decorator I bought the futon from suggested it.

I'm not sure where these are going but I think they may be a new mantra for me: Live, Love, Laugh. It sounds like a great way to go through life.

Here's that French memo board I mentioned earlier. I notice here that I need to tidy up my cords. That's the cell phone charger and I'm sure I could find a place where it is unobtrusive.

And remember the tall bookcase from the "before" shots? I moved it and it fits perfectly between the doors. I also got rid of a smaller bookshelf (it's currently in my garage and holding boxes of luncheon stuff) and really pared down my book collection.

I'm enjoying my new digs, but I have to re-train myself to write in here. I've gotten so used to writing at the kitchen table because the "old" room just wasn't really conducive to creativity.

I know that our blog visitors are a combination of writers and readers. So my question is this: Do you have a special place where you write? Or if you don't write, is there some place you really, really love to curl up with a good book? What makes is special?

One lucky commenter today will win a handmade book thong -- another of my creative efforts.


Problem Child said...

It's looking good, Marilyn! I'm a wee bit jealous. I guess I could do more with my corner of the office, but I can't figure out what. I guess I should just count my blessings I have a corner all to myself.

One day, when I do have an office, I want to put a chaise lounge in there--or maybe a recliner :-)

Instigator said...

The room looks fantastic, Marilyn!

It's probably common knowledge by now that I write in the bathtub, at least for rough drafts. There's something about hot water, steamed mirrors, oh and the peace and quiet, that just helps the creativity flow. Though for revising I pile up in the bed with a mound of pillows and my laptop.


Jen said...

Marilyn, it looks GREAT! Love the table, lamp and futon. Also love the framed magazine covers. Where'd you get the live, love, laugh? I'd like to have that for our family room.

I'm spoiled. My office is a sunroom off of the dining room and kitchen -- which is nice because it's central to the house but still a bit away. It overlooks a garden pond and bird feeder in my back yard. My favorite place to read, however, is in the den, butt planted on the couch. ;)

Kathy said...

I'm envious, Marilyn! I love the fact that you have a cozy place to sit and read or whatever. My office is a shared space with our entire family. They get miffed when I put certain things in the room. (I do it anyway and tell them to get over it.) They recently deleted my POTO wallpaper on the computer screen. ARGH! But I simply added another one... Spartan soldiers from the movie 300. Yes, with Gerard Butler, front and center. :-)

I'd love to add a cushiony chair in the bay window. More importantly I need to line the entire room with bookcases. My research books are overflowing the ones I have now.

I adore your framed front covers!!! What an excellent idea. Enjoy your fortress of solitute.


Angel said...

Looking good! I'm not a wee bit jealous, like PC, I'm a whole lot jealous. :) My current office is a corner of the living room. :(

So it's a good thing I don't do my writing at the computer. I'm one of those weird people who do first drafts in longhand, then I type them into my alphasmart. I only edit at the computer.

For writing/typing, my favorite spot is my bed. :)

catslady said...

I'm just a reader but I have my desk area in the game room. It's a good thing I can't figure out my digital camera because it's a real mess. Funny thing is though, it's the way I like it. Love clutter (unfortunately others don't lol). Clean empty spaces just don't make me happy. I do like your area though - it's not sterile clean but looks quite comfortable and cozy.

Karen Lyle said...

I would love to have my own room for stuff. I love to do crafts and it would be so nice not to have to move it off the kitchen table every time we eat. Your pretty lucky to have the space.

A friend told me about your sight. It's cool!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love it! I have a space in my closet for all of my things...well most of them. hehe. My bookcase is in my bedroom with my Hubby's things on it, pictures, and some books that I'm reading right now. This way it is nice and neat at all times. I also put my printer on a shelf and my laptop when not in use. :)

I write longhand at my console table/desk in my closet and then do first round of edits as I type it up. The good thing about this is a I can do edits anywhere in the house but I really try to do my writing on my desk or in the bed, when all is silence in the house. :)

(sorry messed up on the first post)

robynl said...

Wow, you have really created a nice space for yourself. I also have a craft room as we call it-but besides doing crafts in there I have bookshelves, a table, a desk, 2 trunks which hold gifts that I have purchased ahead of time whenever I get to the city and find bargains/sales.
I love book thongs; you are creative with writing and crafts.

Pat said...

Your bookcase looks exactly like mine. LOL.