Saturday, March 31, 2007

Now, for my next trick....

I guess I should be working on punctuality issues instead of eyebrow lifting...

Life got away from me this week and I never posted my winners from Tuesday.


However, I've decided that Smarty Pants, Kathy and my CP are freaks of nature. Geez, guys.

Maybe they can headline and we'll take this whole freak show on the road.

While I was duly impressed by everyone's tricks, I do have two winners, completely chosen based on my own personal biases.

Maureen, you get the gross AND unusual award. Mainly because I have this thing about eyeballs, and the thought of bugging them out just makes me wince.

Lis, you get the cool award (because I'm a Billy Idol fan and always wanted to be able to do Billy's sneer. Elvis's sneer is close enough.)

Lis and Maureen can email me to get little gifites in return for sharing with the class.

Now, about y'all teaching me that whistling thing...



Kathy said...

Get Your Freak ON!!!!!

Gee, I guess I should thank you, PC, for thinking I'm Super Freaky, Yaow!)

Congratulations, Maureen. Great eyeballs. And super congrats, Lis!

Psst, PC. I'll teach you how to whistle with 4 fingers next time.


Rhonda said...

PC,instead of I Hope You Dance, I've got I Hope You Whistle running through my head. :-)