Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Imagine this...

Imagine this.

You've just won the biggest lottery in history and after taxes you're still rolling in money.

How would you spend it?

Would you buy yourself a mansion?

And how about a maid to clean the house, do the laundry and ironing, zip to the grocery store every week and make sure the dog and cat are fed?

And a butler to handle the rest?

Oops! Wrong butler. *g* But wouldn't he be fun to have around?

Or a fancy Maserati?

A shiny Rolex with a diamond bezel?

A BIG diamond ring? This is Elizabeth Taylor's Krupp diamond. It's a mere 33.19 carats and Liz wears it every day.

Or maybe you'd just like to wear jewels on your feet. The Playfriends have seen these sandals up close and personal. *g*

How about a relaxing vacation in Tahiti?

Or a week at a fancy spa where they pamper you, slather you in all sorts of stuff and you don't have to cook your own meals.

Then again, there's always breakfast at Tiffany's.

Or imagine a lifetime of chocolate.

What about all the books you could ever read? And the time to read them?

I'm not sure exactly what I'd do if I had that kind of money. It would most likely involve a lot of retirement planning, security for family members, charitable donations and no mortgage.

Actually, I AM rich but not in the way I described above. I have a husband who supports my writing. I have two grown children who are making their way in society. I have a daughter-in-law whom I adore and she's a wonderful mother to my precious granddaughter. My mother and my husband's mother are in good health for their ages. They have some problems but not overly serious or life-threatening. My sister and I have discovered the joys of the empty nest and "girl road trips" and plan to take another one this year -- maybe a short cruise.

I'm also rich in friends, most notably four women with whom I share this blog and there just isn't a price tag to be put on that.

What would you do it you won the big jackpot?

I didn't win a jackpot, but I did start reading a new book on Monday. It involves a 12 week program to unblock your creativity and part of the program is a weekly "artist date." It's a block of time you set aside each week to nurture your creative self and refill the well so to speak. This afternoon I'm taking in a chick flick matinee all by my lonesome. The DH is in a volleyball tournament and I'll be playing bachelor girl so why not? I might even treat myself to a hamburger at Wendy's afterwards. Cue the "Hey Big Spender" music. *g*


Lainie said...

I'd never work again, I'd pay off every bill I have, replace my car, get a nicer house, throw away every single item of clothes I own (well, maybe not a couple special things), hire a personal trainer and vacation all over the world. And I'm sure there's other stuff too but I just can't remember this early in the morning.

Instigator said...

I'd go on an African safari and buy a hot air balloon. Of course that would be after I pay off the bills and buy my husband a bigger farm with lots of animals he can get dirty taking care of :-) Oh and I'd build myself a nice little writer's retreat.

I love you guys too!


Kathy said...

I think all of us would pay off the bills first. Put some away for our children's education. Make sure we had money invested for retirement and/or sickly parents. If I had the money and the time, without having to worry about the kids, I'd travel and give to charity.

Would the stress be relieved or does more money only cause more stress? Who would come out of the woodwork asking for handouts? Would you have to fear everyone you meet is trying to scam you? Who knows? But... having 'the' Butler nearby would make that kind of life worth living. :-)

(Go see the 300 this weekend!)

Jen said...

Debt-free sounds good to me. Personal trainer. Housekeeper. Travel out the wazoo -- the list of places I DON'T want to go is far shorter than the list of places I do want to go. Defintely a writer's retreat -- well, maybe 3. (Hey, it was a big lottery.) Beach house, mountain retreat, Sedona. :)

However, much like you, PM, I have a lot to be thankful for. At night I say a prayer of thanks for all that I have and I lay in bed every morning and say a prayer of thanks as well.

Smarty Pants said...

After the pesky details of paying off bills, getting the perfect house, land, cars, travel and other fun indulgences, I would settle into the happy life of a full-time writer. I would be able to get up every day and write in my office in my PJs and not worry about work or bills or whether or not the sale of said book was needed to feed my children!

Ahh...did a mention a personal cook, trainer and housekeeper...


Angel said...

Can you say housekeeper and personal chef? And a house big enough that I could have my own suite, all to my lonesome.

But I'd love to travel with my family and help out those I love with their needs and wants.

And the garage door opener guy who refused to install the new garage door operator until I moved the pool table should be thankful I didn't go ballistic on him. :) How's that for thankfulness?

Problem Child said...

I've taken some mental health days--reading, relaxing. I'm lucky I don't have to explain to others why that's so important!

Lis said...

I think I'd buy real estate :o) A little place on the beach to go to whenever I needed some vacation time. A place in the snow so I can freeze lol Do some travelling. Give some money to my parents. Help out my best friend. Buy a few things I haven't been able to (a car comes to mind) and let the rest sit in a bank account somewhere knowing the only thing that really held me back was my imagination :o)

Playground Monitor said...

*sigh* I'd just like UPS to deliver an end table to me without beating it to death. I ordered the first one on February 7. It arrived February 16 with damage. UPS picked it up on February 22 and today the second table arrived -- with damage. I called the company and told them to credit my account and I'll just buy something locally. I doubt I can find something at the same low price of $47, but at least it won't be damaged and with luck I won't have to assemble it.

Where's that lottery jackpot when you need it?


catslady said...

Defintely wanting to pay off all the bills and mortgage, and both daughter's school loans and my one daughter's wedding next year - then a cruise around the world and of course books, books, books.

Pat said...

Take care of my friends and family.


Fix and expand my house.

Get a cook and someone to clean more than once a month.