Sunday, March 11, 2007

Eye Candy

It's started, that part of the writing process that I love unconditionally. Pre-writing! The brainstorming stage. The chance to wade through the "what ifs", the "what abouts", and savor those tantalizing AHA moments. Though I don't get all the details down before I start writing, I'd honestly say I plot out about 70 percent of my book that doesn't change. The rest changes with the characters, unexpected twists and turns, and those lovely lightbulb flashes.

This weekend, I got to scour the internet for one hot man. No, not just any man, The Man. My HERO. You see, in the plotting stage for my book I have to visualize my hero, and that process just happens to include a hunt through eye candy.

This is the life, isn't it? :) Or should I say, at least this job comes with some perks.

Anyway, thought I'd bless y'all with a peek at the new guy, the man who will be filling my thoughts and dreams for the next several months at least. Shh, don't tell my hubby.

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Now, I don't watch soap operas, but some of you ladies might recognize this guy as Aiden Turner, a British actor on the daytime soap All My Children. Hot, isn't he? Can you just imagine him with a 6 o'clock shadow and brooding look? I can!

The last few books I've found it very helpful to have pictures of my hero and heroine, just to make them come alive in my imagination. Plus I don't get halfway through the book and wonder what color his eyes were. :) But when I go searching for pics, I find myself shying away from really well-known celebrities or people very prominent in the media.

Why? Well, then I can't imagine them to be who I want them to be. That public persona keeps getting in the way, especially if it is someone I don't care for or who has played a character I can't stand. I keep saying I'm going to break this rule and cast Oded Fehr (the Mummy movies) as one of my heroes, but I just haven't found one that clicks with his foreign mysterious looks.

So, what's your favorite hero type? Where's you favorite place to glean pictures or ideas for heroes? Any favorite hotties?!?!



Pat said...

Good morning. My fav hotties are:
George Clooney
John Stamos
Josh Holloway

Playground Monitor said...

Gee... I remember seeing John Stamos the summer he toured with the Beach Boys.

George is pretty hot too -- in a Cary Grant-ish sort of way.

I like Hugh Jackman too.

Favorite sites?,, , and . I'll keep a few secret for myself. ;-)


Rhonda said...

Hmmm. Favorite hotties....

Viggo Mortensen, Eric Bana, Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway and Patrick Dempsey just to name a few. :-)

Kathy said...

Aiden is cool. Love his accent!

Which brings me to a special draw, the one thing that pulls me to a character, the accent. Whether the hero's voice is deep, husky, raspy or smooth, I love THE voice. And so, without further ado my favorite hero of all is.... drum roll please... Gerard Butler. He's got it all, rugged looks, delicious charm, a gorgeous body, he's tall, dark and handsome, and... he's got the Scottish brogue, that husky, raspy, sensuous voice that makes the hairs on my neck stand up and take notice. Yes... Gerry is THE one.

The Internet says the 300 grossed 70 million this weekend. Well, my ticket is included in that figure. If you want to see REAL men, go to see 300! There are some really wonderful, handsome, strong men in this movie. Men you've never seen before and some you have who are now extremely cut. Newcomer Michael Fessbender's character, Stilios, has dreamy, blue eyes. He's definitely the new IT guy. David Wenham, Cilios, from Van Helsing has really beefed up. Vincent Regan plays Captain, with incredible blue eyes, he has a son who will steal your breath. Need I say more? Oh, and the very best part.... Gerard in the buff!!!!!! Praise be to the Gods!

Spread the word into the blogosphere. Need inspiration? Go see 300!

(going to see the 300 again and again!)

Playground Monitor said...

How did I forget my man Matthew? Sheesh. Not enough caffeine yet, I guess.

Kathy said...

My apologies. That was Michael Fessbender playing Stelios and David Wenham playing Dilios.

Also, Xerxes is played by a man I didn't recognize. But in checking out the 300 cast, he is Rodrigo Santoro. Va Va Voom!!! He looks much different than his character Xerxes in the movie.

REAL MEN. Amazing strength, a gripping story.

One of my favorite lines in the movie...

Give them nothing but take from them... everything. (Very Spartan)

Also, as Dilios is wrapping his eye, King Leonidas asks him if he is all right. He replies, "It's just an eye. The God's saw fit to give me a spare."

Oh, man!!! Testosterone galore.


Problem Child said...

The very popular Hottie Topic.

I like the strong, yet sensitive, type.

In books, I like my men brawny, but in real life--not so much. Just well defined.

Of course, then there's the Darling Geek...

Angel said...

I think maybe Kathy liked the 300? Maybe? :)

To add to PM's list, I found my initial pictures at .

Lee Morrison said...

Did somebody mention Oded Fehr? Yum!

Hubby and I saw 300 this weekend. I'd have to agree with Kathy on the men, lol. My goodness, I had eye candy the entire movie!

My Hero preferences change like the direction of the wind. I like variety. Lots of variety. And I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration. Um, does that make me a Hero Whore? *grins*

Good luck with the brainstorming, Angel. It sounds like it's going well so far.


Instigator said...

Ah, the joys of writing :-) At the moment Raoul Bova is a favorite of mine but my current hero is going to strongly resemble Barry Watson with a few adjustments here and there. I love my guys rumpled and scruffy, like they just rolled out of bed :-)


kim said...

george clooney
wentworth miller

love them firefigters and athelets

Sabe said...

Josh Lucas is my favorite hottie these days. He reminds me of a younger version of Paul Newman. And, for some reason I can't explain - because he's not at all handsome in any sense of the word, quite the opposite, as a matter of fact, but I really find Gerard Depardieu extremely attractive. If that name doesn't ring a bell, he's Andi McDowell's hero in the movie, Green Card. Of course, at my age, I find a great mind as sexy as a great body. Well, almost as sexy. (I'm old, not dead.)

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