Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring Is In the Air

PM mentioned Spring cleaning yesterday. This is a concept I prefer to pretend doesn't exist. Cleaning of any sort is to be used only as a last resort when my writing isn't flowing the way it should.

But I have been thinking about Spring lately, mostly because here in Alabama we seemed to have skipped it. The morning we left for the beach it was 32 degrees outside. The afternoon we got home it was in the 80s....something's missing here. Of course the fact that we've skipped Spring all together also means we've missed the normal Spring rains and the pollen is atrocious. My silver van is now a sickly shade of misty yellow.

However, it was nice to return home to beautiful green fields, chickens laying eggs, and four of the most adorable baby bunnies. My girls are in heaven. They go to the bunny hutches every night to pick a different baby to take out and play with. Now my favorite season is Fall, but there's just something amazing about holding new life in your hands. And of course the fact that we have baby bunnies for Easter hasn't escaped my notice.

What do you like most about Spring?


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Pat said...

The promise of much nicer weather, longer days and the flowers in bloom.

Jen said...

Well, I used to like Spring itself...but we seemed to have skipped it. :-( I do like daylight savings time.

Kathy said...

Flowers. A gentle cooling breeze (when the temps aren't climbing too high). Birds chirping in song. Sunshine. Easter. Tennis, softball and baseball season. Opening the pool. Gardening.
I love spring. The sense of renewal, that all life can be revived from dormancy. Everything old made new and whole again. The sparkle and shine of clean windows (providing I actually clean them.)

Spring! Yes, spring has a wonderful effect on me.


Playground Monitor said...

I love watching things come alive after a cold winter. My day lilies are about 6 inches high now. My blue salvia is about the same and one has a bloom on it. The lorapetalum bushes in the back are aflame with bright pink blooms. My weeping cherry tree is gorgeous. The trees are beginning to leaf out and day by day the grass gets a little greener.

Of course I also have weeds to contend with as well as that dreaded pollen.

But I'm already planning my flower beds as well as the herb garden I want to plant this year.

And maybe, just maybe, the bluebirds will build nests in the bluebird houses again and I'll get to see them in my backyard.


Smarty Pants said...

I weeded my flowerbed early and added mulch for the home viewings, so fortunately, I'm not out there dealing with it now. Pollen aside, this is one of the best weeks - all my tulips and irises are blooming, plus so are my creeping phlox. Those bloom once a year for a very short span of time, so I'm excited to see them. I'll have to plant more of them at the new house. These, of course, now belong to a lovely couple from Wisconsin! :)

Angel said...

Blooming flowers. Most definitely! And though I don't recommend them, because the larger they grow the more unstable they are, our Bradford Pear Trees are gorgeous right now. Covered in white flowers and green leaves. Thus, my lawn is covered in tiny white flower petals. :) When the wind blows really hard it kinda looks like it is snowing. The Spring Snow, we call it.

I also enjoy the kids being able to play outside more. Little Man is finally old enough to play in our fenced backyard now with his sister without me having to be right on hand to make sure he doesn't eat every leaf, bug, and piece of dirt in sight. :)

Problem Child said...

DG and AC planted flowers last weekend while I got my Maggie entry together. The lillies are coming up, and I look forward to seeing them bloom. I'm just hoping I didn't manage to kill the hastas last year and that they'll come back as well.

See, we do have some greenery around here...

robynl said...

Thanks so much for my win yesterday of a book thong.

Jill James said...

Don't need the heat on anymore, and don't need the air conditioner yet. Yeah!!!! Low electricity bills.

KimW said...

I love the smell, the green grass and the warmer weather.