Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kids and Cats

My babies are growing up. Tuesday I went shopping for spring/summer clothes for both of my girls. Sweet Pea is now in 7s while Baby Girl is just starting into 3Ts. It didn't take me long to realize that there is a huge difference between 6 and 7. Apparently, that's the transition from cute girl clothes to young lady clothes. No one told me.

The dresses were what got me. I always buy the girls cute, pastel, frilly, flowery dresses. My tomboy children don't usually have cause to wear things like that on our little farm so I tend to go overboard for Easter. Baby Girl, no problem. Sweet Pea? There wasn't a thing there that qualified as cute or frilly. The dresses all reminded me of things I wore when I was 10 or 12. She's only 5. Where are the big fluffy skirts that crinkle and swish?

We're taking big steps all over the place. I just filled out paperwork for Baby Girl to start preschool next year. She'll officially be attending the same school as Sweet Pea. My mother is quiting her job next year to stay home and take care of my nephew (1) and Baby Girl when she's not in school. I'm so used to having her with me at the office at least part time. I'm not ready to give up my girls! I thought I'd have another year before I had to take this step.

At least there's one graduation we're ready for. Baby Girl's big girl furniture is being delivered on Saturday. She'll finally be out of her crib and not a moment too soon. Our cats, both of them, have decided (after much screeching and fighting) that Baby Girl's crib is the most comfy place in the entire house to sleep. Now if they'd picked Sweet Pea's bed this wouldn't be a problem. She adores those cats. Baby Girl, not so much. She starts raising hell the moment one of them steps foot into her room. She doesn't want them anywhere near, let alone sharing her pillow.

It didn't take the cats long to figure this out...and decide the best plan of attack would be to jump into the crib in the middle of the night and curl up, one at her feet and one at her head. Which would be fine if they didn't wake her up in the process. I can't tell you how many nights I've been woken up (always at about 2 AM) with Baby Girl yelling at the cats to get out of her bed. The just stare up at her. Guess who gets the job of ousting them?

What I'm hoping is that once the bars are down she'll be able to shove them out all on her own and I can finally get a good night's rest. Of course, that assumes she doesn't start sleepwalking like her father and sister. I'm not holding my breath.

Are there any changes at your house? And are you ready for them or dreading them?


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Jen said...

I've got some sad news for you -- idiots are in charge of clothes for little girls and young women. My Girl is 12. She still passes by the kids 6 and under section and says, "Why can't they make cute stuff like that in my size?" She's always been tall for her age and she's been lamenting this for YEARS now.

LOL at the cats and Baby Girl. Lovely, ornery creatures that they are, cats seem to know who doesn't want them around...and that's just where they want to be. ;)

Rhonda said...

Instigator, when my little girl outgrew the cute combo matching outfits and moved into the bigger sizes it was a BIG shock. I've dubbed it all "Little Hooker Wear" because the majority of it is positively trashy-looking.

I did a lot of online shopping and ordered a lot of things from CWD Kids. :::sigh::: She's outgrown all of that stuff now, but oh, it was fun while it lasted. :-)

Now Penney's and Limited Too is our new best friend.

Playground Monitor said...

Having boys, I missed out on this phenomenon. But now that I'm shopping for the granddaughter, I'm being introduced to it. And sadly there are even "Hoochie Mama" clothes in 12 month sizes, which is what she wears now.

Another problem? The clothing makers who mistakenly believe that petite means teenager. I'm short, not 15.

Changes at my house? My office is getting a makeover. I posted about it last year and finally am getting around to doing it (thanks to a nice cash Christmas gift from the DH). When it's all in place I'll post the before and after photos. I can't wait til my futon arrives and I have a place to sit in here.


Problem Child said...

I'm hoping things will settle down soon--therefore making my life changes a good thing.

Of course, knowing my life, that ain't gonna happen...

Meljprincess said...

Congrats Ashli!

I'm about to change houses. Moving from frozen Newport, RI to sunny Orlando, FL. YAY!

Kathy said...

Changes. We all love them and we all hate them. Hoochie Momma clothes abound for girls 8 +. Look at the shoes! I was always amazed that after a certain age, I could never get my daughters normal sandles. Everything had heels!

Once, a woman at church told me she was surprised that I let my daughter out of the house in what she was wearing. A mini skirt. Doesn't she know that is the just about the only kind of skirt being sold for teens?

I agree, cats seek out the ones who hate them most. Or the one trying to read, work on their laptop... Yes, cuddly cats. You can love 'em or hate 'em. Or give in and cuddle with them.

(Instigator, these dilemmas just get better and bigger.)

Smarty Pants said...

I can't comment much on kids clothes. A, I don't have kids. B, I seemed to go straight from diapers to women's clothes. That's what happens when you're 5ft tall and 100 lbs in kindergarden and 5'8, 135 by 5th grade. Missed that whole Jr thing.

Cats have radar that draws them to the disinterested. Poor Baby Girl. Maybe if she acts like she likes them and chases them around a bit like Little Sister does, they'll learn to get (and stay) far, far away. I have to admit a chuckle at this, though...


Playground Monitor said...

I just got a call and my futon will be delivered tomorrow right after lunch. Yay!

Anybody else here in Alabama just sitting around waiting for all hell to break loose with this storm? I'm afraid to start anything for fear I'll get interrupted just as I get into it. Pfffft!


Angel said...

Okay, I must be the only strict animal disciplinarian around here. Believe me, I love cats, but water bottles are a cat owner's best friend. Tag them with water spray a couple of times and they'll stay away from the bed. A closed door helps too.

Clothes have become a problem now that DQ is getting so tall. Finding shorts that are long enough to cover everything was a big problem last year, and she couldn't wear any of the ones we bought when she started school because they had to be longer than her fingertips. And she's got long arms...