Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm a little late posting my blog this morning, because I didn't get around to doing it last night. After finishing a rough draft of a short story, I rewarded myself by reading a book—His Dark Desires by Jennifer St. Giles. Awesome, and I never guessed who the murderer was!

I find myself feeling much better this week about myself, my writing, and life in general. Why? Well, besides actually finding time to write this weekend, I had a great experience with the Playfriends and Maven Linda Winstead Jones on Friday night.

We called it a De-Funkify session (spelling here is completely subjective). We have all had some really crappy and/or disappointing experiences lately, and found ourselves slipping into a "Funk". You know, that depressed pessimistic outlook that colors everything gray (and occassionally black). So we knew we had to do something.

What? you ask. A secret, highly guarded ritual that if I told you about I'd then have to kill you-- Just kidding.

Actually, one thing that always helps me a lot is to talk. And we did. Got all those gripes and worries out before moving along to hair color, diets, and home life (not to mention the male species' illogical reactions to locking their keys in the house). I think women find solace in not dealing with life's frustrations alone and there's something therapeutic about talking. Maybe Counselor Shelley could tell us why.

What would a gab session be without food? We had some great stuff without totally blowing the diets, thus leading talk back to that subject...

Then we did something many of us have found very helpful—meditation. No, not the lotus position, uuummmmmm type of mediation, but some guided breathing and visualization exercises to calm and focus the mind.

And you know what? I think it worked. For the first time in weeks I feel lighter, more positive, and more focused. I managed to accomplish a lot this weekend. I'm viewing my life from a more honest perspective than I have in a while.

Could I have done this by myself? Probably. And I'm ashamed to say that I didn't take the steps I should have on my own. But you know what? Part of De-Funkifying is letting go of the guilt. :)

So, how do you de-funkify? When do you usually need it most? What's with the weird connection between women gathering together and food?



Kathy said...

Defunkify? That's not mysterious to me. I'll put on a good movie. Have a good cry. Do some gardening, knitting, whatever to get my mind off of things. Shop! Sometimes, defunkifying is just about getting your mind off of the moment. When you do that, energy returns. Ideas and sources of inspiration fill your mind with hope, enlightenment and power. Ideas are power. Putting them into practice takes will-power. Having friends who help and guide you along the way... priceless!


Problem Child said...

I'm feeling much less funky today (the bad type of funky, not the down-with-my-bad-self kind of funky. Not that I'm feeling down-with-my-bad-self today either.)

Playfriend and Maven time is always wonderful, and does great things for the mind and spirit.

Food is just a bonus!

Playground Monitor said...

Gasoline to drive to de-funkify session (and everywhere else this week): $25

Ingredients for soup: $7

Time with the Playfriends and Maven LJ: Priceless

I've meditated twice since then (and fell asleep again both times, but I was doing it at midnight so ...). I also clean out things when I get in a bad mood. I find I'm more willing to get rid of junk that way instead of hanging onto it "in case."

Many, many, many thanks to LJ for hosting the session.


Smarty Pants said...

I will not be fully de-funkified until I can get the window panel for my door ordered from Lowe's, but I'm getting close. It's been like herding cats thus far. In the meantime, I have plexiglass up (much better than the trashbag).

A big *thanks* to my mom, though, who I called in a panic to sweep up the glass so my cats didn't get cut up (I wasn't about to leave LJs early, no matter what DB did). She not only sweeped and vaccumed indoors and out, put up the bag over the window, etc., but she cleaned my counters, washed my pots, loaded and ran my dishwaser and put the dogs back outside. I'm sure she'd kept going if my step dad hadn't been starving to death (in his estimation).

Feeling great otherwise. :)

Instigator said...

I was feeling defunkified until I had a bad night with Baby Girl last night. There's just something about getting little sleep that'll shoot your mood into ground. The big girl bed was a huge success. Until around midnight. Sigh. This too shall pass.