Thursday, March 15, 2007


I'm getting ready to go to the beach, or rather I'm getting my entire family ready to go to the beach. I know, some of you are thinking, "Didn't she just go on vacation?" Yes, but I'm going again. Although, this is actually classified as work :-) The fact that my company is a family owned business and that we choose to have our Board of Director's meeting at the beach during AEA week is just one of the many perks to the job (right behind being able to take my girls to the office with me).

Don't get me wrong, there will be some work involved on my part. My responsibility is to keep connected to our home office (which won't be staffed) and handle any urgent business that comes in. Although, what I'm really looking forward to is a week of sand and sun to work on the revision request I received last week. I really think sitting in the hot tub underneath the stars will help those creative juices :-). I am looking forward to a solid week of concentrating on my writing though - the benefit of having DH, grandma, grandpa, aunties, and great grandma all available for babysitting.

At this precise moment though...I'm buried in lists. Lists of things I need to pack. Lists of things the company needs to purchase in preparation. Lists of things I need to get in order at the office before we can leave. Lists of information that need to be provided to both of the owners and their wives. Sure all these lists are in my head but they are there. Unfortunately, I've not been able to tick many of the items off just yet. Here's hoping I can remedy that today.

Do you have any special plans for Spring Break?


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Pat said...

Hoping to go to Vegas with my girlfriend in April. We were supposed to go last November but she got sick.

Angel said...

Nope. The week is slowly being eaten away with child commitments. So I'm blocking off some me time before it all disappears. :)

Smarty Pants said...

I don't even know when spring break is. I just know not to make plans to go anywhere near the Gulf Coast this time of year. I wish I got a spring break at work. My house is going on the market tomorrow morning and I sure could use a week to get some last minute things done. Won't happen, but it would be nice. Scotland has sucked up all my vacation. Not that I'm complaining. Much. I know, its not Wednesday...


Problem Child said...

Lists, lists, I love lists.

No big plans for Spring Break, but I have spent the morning trying to figure out if I can swing a trip to San Antonio to see my uncle this summer. (Sea World! Schlitterbahn!)

Although AC and I are going to Scotland, and I'm in Dallas for Nationals, DG has reminded me that niether of those are actually vacations for *him.*

Rhonda said...

Since baseball has become the be all and end all of our world--Lord, how I hope my child doesn't want to play this year--we'er not going to get to go anywhere over Spring Break.


Instigator, have fun and good luck with those revisions!

(And PM, Blogger repeatedly ate my post about how much I love your new office. Hope it goes through this time!)

Playground Monitor said...

Uh... PC... did you forget you're teaching the poem to my Red Hat group a week from today?

I only know it's spring break because I asked PC to do this months ago and she told me it was spring break. So we've made plans for AC to join us and we'll have a jolly time!

Other than that, it's business as usual.

Rhonda said...

Argh! That would be "next" year. He's already playing this year.

I need to go back to bed.

Kathy said...

eacDitto that. Have fun, Instigator and good luck getting those revisions done!

Good luck selling your house, SP!

Have fun with the kids, Angel! I hope you can throw in some 'me' time, too.

Next week looks peaceful. No Tennis matches, my parents might get to come visit, and unless #3 and 4 have some tennis lessons scheduled, they'll be home. So far it seems like it'll be a good time to go see 300 again. :-)


Lois said...

Alas, when I did have spring break, I never could actually have a spring break because I always had homework or projects or papers to do! LOL :)