Saturday, January 28, 2006


I should not complain. Nope, shouldn't complain a bit because I have what every writers wants: an office all my own. Part of the agreement for buying a new house last year was that I got an office, so the third bedroom is mine. It houses not only my computer desk, but a small desk that I use for doing beadwork, a small filing cabinet that holds beading supplies, and two bookcases. You can't see the ironing board because it's stored away in the closet, but this is my ironing room too.

I stood in the four corners of the room and took photographs. Pardon the window view. The light wasn't kind to my digital camera.

The blob on the floor under the window is my kitty, Spook.

And here's the floorplan for reference, with the furniture drawn in. The room is just a little shy of 13 feet square.

This room needs HELP!

I've thought about putting the computer desk and tall bookcase side by side. The computer desk can't be moved to another wall; that wall is where the phone connection is for the DSL and if I put it against the opposite wall, I'd be working with my back to the door and I hate that.

Or I thought about putting the tall bookcase in that little space between the door and the closet doors. The space is wide enough.

I need something on the window just to soften it up.

I need a bulletin board somewhere handy to post notes, pictures, schedules, doctor appointment reminder cards, etc.

See those two bags of books on the floor between the bookcases? I need to take them to the used book store.

I need something on the walls. They're so BARE!

I need a comfy chair where I can sit to read or write longhand.

Help! Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Help make this office inviting and a place to foster creativity.


Problem Child said...

Oohh, fun.

Okay, let's talk color first. Do you like the walls that color? A coat of paint can do wonders for your room and the energy it gives out.

Then go pick out the comfy chair you want in a pattern or color that compliments the walls and whatever you put over the window.

Organization wise, and you know I love organizing things, look at keeping like with like. Keep writing books on a bookshelf next to your desk. I know you're a visual person, so the corkboard should go where you can see it easily while you write. Are you really lovin that hutch on your desk? Keep your beading stuff together, preferably on the other side of the room, so when you're writing you're not looking at anything beading, and vice versa.

Then take your big comfy chair, put a side table next to it (to hold your drink) and put between them. Keep fun books near that chair.

My suggestions. Just please don't ask me to come paint...


Playground Monitor said...

No way in he-double hockey sticks will I be able to convince the DH to let me paint the walls. And I'm really not into brightly colored walls anyway. I'd rather thought I could put some color in the room with (1) a valance or scarf over the window and (2) the comfy chair. I really like this chair from Pier 1. I tried it out and it's pretty comfy and not that expensive. The cushion is extra so I could get it in a bright color.

The hutch is screwed on. Probably would look better if I cleaned it out. *g*

I agree about keeping the computer and beading stuff on opposite walls. It's just that now that one wall is so FULL! I'm really leaning toward putting the bookcase between the door and closet. And if I did a little more cleaning out of that closet, I could probably store some things in there and make the bookcase a little less cluttered.

Don't worry -- you won't have to paint. Listen to me whine and moan, yes. But paint, no. *g*

Instigator said...

My first thought was what's in the closet? Can you reorganize in there so that maybe you can store all your bead stuff? or maybe organize so some of your books can go in there. Still easily accessible but also easily closed out of your line of sight when you need to concentrate.

I agree with PC - keep your writing stuff together and everything else on the opposite side. You might want to place the chair somewhere close to the window so that you have the natural light.

I'm with PC - I'd like to see some brighter colors - something to invigorate you - something cheery and inviting. But that's just my personal taste. You can achieve the same effect with a simple change in trim color though. My bedroom walls are about the same color as your office walls but I have a rich cranberry accent color on all the trim and doors. Just gives it a bit of pop.

If you want some help with color choices and furniture placement - I'm your girl :-) (as long as I don't have to actually lift the furniture. I'm such a wimp) If you want help with organization I suggest you look to another of the playmate (PC perhaps :-)) cause that is not my strong suit. (says the girl looking at the Barbie vet hospital and all the tiny animals and extras for it that are piled on top of her desk.)

I love decorating. I just never have time for it.


Problem Child said...

Make sure you get a footrest to go with that chair--you may want to really kick back...