Saturday, January 14, 2006

And the winner is...

In my Wednesday post I proposed a little contest whereby someone who posted at any given point during this week would win an autographed copy of Rhonda Nelson's Getting It!

All the names were put into a hat -- a RED hat -- and our winner is Anne Lum from Palo Alto, California.

Congratulations and enjoy the book! Rhonda is a terrific writer with an absolutely wicked sense of humor.


Angel said...

Congratulations, Anne! I've loved Rhonda's Chicks in Charge series. I hope you do too.


MissChievous Me said...


I can't believe that I won! That's sooooo coo1!

Thanks, Marilyn!

Rhonda said...

Thanks to Marilyn for the heads-up that you guys had used one of my *absolute* favorite books as a giveaway. Color me tickled.

Anne, I hope you enjoy this story. It was a ton of fun and kicks off the whole CHiC series, which I had a ball writing.

Hope everyone is off to a good start in this new year. Alas, I am working--(Looks longingly over shoulder at TBR pile)--but am having fun writing a bunch of bad boys now. :-)