Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Envelope, Please

The winners of the Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt sponsored by have been announced. The grand prize included our contribution of an autographed copy of OPEN SEASON by Linda Howard and a handmade beaded book thong.

The grand prize winner is Jennifer Yates of Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Congratulations, Jennifer! And we hope you enjoy your prize. I personally loved OPEN SEASON, especially since part of it took place right here where I live. I could take you to the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop that's mentioned in the book. I've been there often. As a matter of fact I still have half-a-dozen glazed in my freezer; they're left over from a pre-Christmas Krispy Kreme run. But I digress. **gg**

The Writing Playground also has its very first contest running right now. The prize package on this is faboo -- two books by debut authors, a DVD, a journal and a trial package of some wonderful skin care items that come from Scotland.

Check it out, enter and tell all your friends!


Jennifer Y. said...

Hi Everyone!!!! I was the winner of the contest! I sure am excited about winning and look forward to reading the book. Mmm...Krispy you made me hungry..guess I'll have to visit the one near my house sometime...LOL.

I really enjoy the blog and will continue to visit. Have a great day everyone!

Instigator said...

Hi Jennifer!!

Congratulations! We're really excited that you won.


Jennifer Y. said...

I am excited that I won too! To be honest with you, I actually found out about the contest through your blog. So a big thanks to all of you!!!

Smarty Pants said...

Yay, we have a fan! :)


Angel said...

Really cool! Nice to meet you Jennifer.
You'll love Open Season. I know I did. Mmmm... right there with you on the Krispy Kreme. But there is that 20 pounds I need to lose before Atlanta.
Oh, I hate having to lose weight!!!


Jennifer Y. said...

I hate having to lose weight too! Somehow though I will figure out how to incorporate some of my fave sweets into my diet plan LOL!