Monday, January 16, 2006

Playfriends Gone Wild! Volume 1

I’m blogging from the Playground’s first ever official road trip. All five Playfriends in a hotel room—we’ll see how this goes when we all try to get dressed in the morning. We’re doing a plotting and planning getaway. Angel has a book to be plotted; we’ve planned all kinds of fun things for the next few months on the Playground. We’re also away from our hubbies and children and just being grownups.

Or maybe not too grownup.

I think we may have made a scene at dinner. We certainly made a scene at the Krispy Kreme. See, Instigator had never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut fresh off the doughnut machine. The “Hot Doughnut Sign” was lit, and we had to take Instigator in and show her where they come from. The nice lady gave us a free sample.

If you’ve never had a Krispy Kreme fresh off the machine, you’ve missed a beautiful thing. Warm, sugary goodness melts on your tongue. Heaven with a zillion calories. No one who has ever tasted a fresh, hot Krispy Kreme doughnut could ever do the Atkins low-carb diet. It’s that good. Instigator didn’t know what she’d been missing, but she’s a true believer now. We took a dozen to go.

Not that Krispy Kremes are on any of our diets. But does it matter? Sometimes you just have to let go of all the “should-have-dones” and go with it.

I’ve decided the same thing goes with my writing. I’ve been around long enough to learn a whole bunch of “rules” about the way books should be written. And now I’ve learned that rules sometimes need to be broken in order to write the book the way it needs to be written.

Do what feels right. Do what makes you feel good about your book. Even if everyone says you shouldn’t do it that way.

If the book makes you smile the way a hot Krispy Kreme does when it melts on your tongue, you’ve written it the right way. Even if it is against all the rules.



Playground Monitor said...

Still cannot believe that Instigator was a Krispy Kreme virgin. We solved that! And I think she's hooked now.

What a great trip with great friends! Too bad we can't do it every week. But we should definitely do it again!

Instigator said...

I'm all for doing it again! I had so much fun (but then I always do when we get together :-)

Problem Child said...

Hey...who took home the leftover doughnuts....


Angel said...

There was only one left. AND I GOT IT!!!! HaHaHaHaaaa....