Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Waiting for the Crack of the Whip

I just realized 5 minutes ago that I didn't post my blog today. Not only that, I didn't have a blog to post. I could blame it on the last minute work project that came up yesterday afternoon. I could blame it on the brain drain that occurs every day with 2 small children. I could blame it on my tendency to have tunnel vision when I start writing. I could blame it on a lot of things.

But the fact is I made a mistake! For most people, this realization would be met with an "Oh well, I'll do better next time." Not me. Especially not with my perfectionist tendencies (Okay, extremes!). Instead I go into total meltdown about what a terrible person I am, wondering how I could possibly do this and why am I like this. I'm my own worst critic. It's a wonder I even like me anymore, I'm so hard on myself. :)

But that's what I have friends for. Wonderful ones like my Playfriends who didn't even get the whip out for me, even though the emails have flown fast and furious this morning. Did any of you even notice I hadn't blogged? They'll tell me it is okay, not the end of the world, and all that stuff. At least I hope so. And I'll try to eventually move on. Again, the joys of an obsessive personality.

The same is true for rejections. (See how I tied this all into writing? Brilliant spur of the moment thinking, huh?) I'll take one glance at the rejection letter and tell myself how horrible my writing is, how I'll never be published, and so on. Then my wonderful writing friends will step in to combat all that negativity and I'll reread my letter with more of an open mind, learning what it is I need to from the editor's comments. But I'll still be waiting for the whip! My friends and my own inner being insist that I continue to write, that I try one more time. Then another and another.

I guess mistakes have their place.

Angel (who hates to be late for anything!)


Problem Child said...

Yeah, I noticed, but I wasn't going to mention it. Good manners and all, you know.

I figure you're beating yourself up enough... we don't need to help.

:) It's a blog. Relax.

Instigator said...

Don't worry about it!!! As you said yourself, it isn't the end of the world :-) We still love you!


Playground Monitor said...

The whole week is off kilter because my DH was home from work on Monday. It's thrown me off schedule.

I hate un-decking the halls. All that Christmas joy going back into boxes. I've spent the afternoon packing it all away so #2 son can help me haul it back to the storage building tomorrow.

Don't worry about posting late. I'm sure all of us will forget sooner or later.