Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aha Moments

Well, I had an aha moment tonight. Not just about writing but specifically about the book that I've been working on. I generally have at least one, if not more, of these moments in any of my WIPs. Since I'm a panster I think these flashes of insight are more about finally getting a grasp on my characters - what they want, why they can't have it, and how they're going to overcome the obstacles in their path - than about unlocking a key to the puzzle of writing. I won't share specifics - because they'd bore you :-) - but also because it isn't important.

Not important? Okay, so it is for me and my characters but I'm sure no one but me cares about that at the moment :-) The most important thing is HOW I came to this moment.

Through an online writing group Ask An Author Pro. We're in the middle of an online class with Laurie Schnebly ( about goal and motivation for our characters. The wisdom she's imparting, while very important, isn't something new to me. I've heard it before. But for some reason the information clicked this time. Or rather I needed to hear it at this moment in order for these characters to click.

So what's your point Instigator? My point is that no matter where in the writing spectrum you fall, you can never stop learning. Even if you've heard something repeatedly you might gain another layer of knowledge from the fifteenth time you hear it again.

Participate in RWA at a local and national level. Attend workshops, seminars, and conferences. Listen to tapes. Read newsletters. Buy craft books. Study. And then study some more. You never know when that one piece of information will come scrolling across your computer screen and make the entire book fall into place.


Oh, and join Pro. It's the best most supportive group of people (next to the playmates of course). The perks and resources don't hurt either.


Playground Monitor said...

Oh dear heavens I'd love a good Aha moment!

Problem Child said...

Here's my aha! moment...

I can't actually write the thing if I'm not writing it.

*who needs to get busy*

Smarty Pants said...

AHA moments are beautiful and rare. Right now I don't need an AHA, but an AHEM! as in, get off your tail, Missy!

My MS should be in Leslie's hands right now. I'd be nervous if I had any emotions outside of the sinus infection fog I'm in.