Thursday, January 05, 2006

Me time 101

My playmates and I are fresh from a fieldtrip yesterday. One I desperately needed after the stress of my Christmas festivities. Where might you ask did we go? To visit one of our very own Mavens (Thanks LJ!). But the better question to ask is what did we do?

We meditated. Now I realize not everyone might believe in the powers and benefits of meditation, but let me tell you I do! If for nothing more than stress relief and relaxation. There are many reasons to meditate - If you're interested in learning more I'll let you visit your local liabrary or bookstore as there are plenty of people more qualified to discuss that subject than I am.

So why might you ask am I bringing this topic up on the blog if I'm not going to get technical? To remind everyone to take time for themselves! It's something we tend to forget when our lives get hectic, we're trying to cram too much into our days, and we have more obligations than energy to fill them. Simply taking 5 or 10 minutes to concentrate on relaxation, to focus your mind and body, to rejuvenate your spirit will go a long way in providing you what you need to fulfill those obligations.

As a writer, it can help focus your mind, increase your concentration, and free your creative processes - at least that's what I've found meditation does for me. I came home from our session feeling more relaxed than I have in weeks and ready to begin work again. I picked up my current WIP - a book I haven't touched for weeks.

To me, the benefits of meditation are well worth the small amount of time it takes. If you haven't tried it you should.

But even if you find meditation isn't for you, do take time from your busy schedule to relax and de-stress. Your muse, your body and probably your family will thank you for it!



Maven Linda Winstead Jones said...

Some people call it "filling the well" and that's a pretty good way to put it. If you don't take care of yourself and take time for rejuvenating, eventually you have nothing to say. Nothing anyone wants to hear, anyway. :-)

Yesterday was fun. I'm behind on a book (don't tell anyone) and my house has not yet recovered from the holidays, but I needed that time, for fun and for refilling the well.


Playground Monitor said...

Give me another hour or two and I'm going to need to de-stress big time! I'm sending #2 son back to college today and after he leaves I'll have to shovel out the bedroom and bathroom he's been using. And why the hurry? I have company coming for a party tonight -- a farewell for a Red Hat sister who is moving to Seattle. ARGH! As LJ told me in an email earlier today, maybe I can just take deep breaths while I'm in the shower this afternoon.

It was indeed fun. Thanks again LJ for sharing with us. I especially liked the idea of your "God box." I remembered a tiny wooden box that my husband put in my Christmas stocking several years ago. It's only about 1 inch wide and 2 inches long, but the top slides off to reveal a compartment inside. I plan to write my 2006 goals on a tiny slip of paper, put it in this box (which has LOVE carved on the top) and put it away in my jewelry box for the year.

Anybody wanna come help me clean???

Angel said...

So true, Instigator! As much as I complain about the guilt and hassles of finding and taking my children to a baby-sitter, I am most definitely a better mother for some uninterrupted time to myself.
Now the challenge is learning to use that time so it is actually RENEWING, rather than a chance to tackle my To-Do list uninterrupted. :) But I'm learning! And each day I'm learning, I'm teaching the kids to respect that time and hopefully do the same for themselves as they get older too.
Now I'm off to do my meditation homework!