Monday, January 08, 2007

A Treasure Map

This past year I discovered the fun in creating a collage for my story. I use a posterboard where I glue various pictures of my characters or locations, important words and objects. I don't do them all at once, but instead they come together as the story does, filling in layer upon layer until they're both done.

Mine aren't as elaborate as some authors'. I've heard of more dedicated artists who even do 3D collages, intricate pieces made from craft store and attic finds. I'm afraid I just don't have the patience for that. :)

Today I received a project idea that combines my enjoyment of collage with all the goal making we've been discussing recently. Cheryl Richardson, a life coach, has an email newsletter that I receive each week. You can view it (and more detailed instructions for this project) at .

This week she talked about creating a visual map—a "treasure map"—of dreams and goals for the year. Just focus on the particular areas you sense will play an important role in your year, then collect images or objects that represent them. Either collage them or combine them on your chosen background.

This project will take some time and thought, but in the end you could have a beautiful visual representation of your hopes for the year. Richardson recommends placing the "treasure map" where you can see it everyday, focus on it.

Since I enjoy collaging anyway, I think this might be a good way of reminding myself to stay focused, to check in. (If the idea doesn't appeal to you, don't force yourself. You won't get anything out of it in the long run.)

How about y'all? Have you checked in this week? We all want to make it past January 2, right? When do your goals start? Have you set up a system for evaluating them?

I'm happy to say that I'm ahead of the curve on my revision goals for this month. I've hit the 100 pages mark and mapped out writing days for this week. Yay, me!!!



Kathy said...

You've done an excellent job staying on track of your goals, Angel, and deserve a commendation!

I mapped out what I wanted to do this month and so far, because of #2 preparing to go back to college, which I forgot to factor in, I'm only 2 days behind. However, in that period of time, I've also been doing other things which were not on my goal list. So, all in all, everything balances out, unless you factor in my ms and my lack of page progress. But now that the kids are back at school and I have a goal list staring me in the face, I vow to keep to it.

Have an excellent day, me hearties!


Rhonda said...

Angel, since I just got back from vacation, my "new year" seems to just be starting and I'm very optimistic about '07. It's a bright shiny year full of hope and devoid of mistakes. This is my year to *really* work on a ST and get healthy. I'll let you know how it goes. :-)

Instigator said...

Uh... I'm not starting anything until we're back from vacation. But on the 22nd (cause I'll need the weekend to recover) I'm joining weight watchers, plotting a new book and hopefully starting the first few chapters, letting several other ideas perk, and reading this fabulous craft book - Story by Robert McKee.


Problem Child said...

I'm not a crafty person, so collaging would be a nightmare for me.

One thing I'm doing is a reward program for myself. I have broken my goals down in to smaller bites, and after I've reached a certain point, I get a treat. I guess that's kinda like a treasure hunt...

Playground Monitor said...

I'm crafty to a point but not in the area of collages. I have written down goals for myself and made some pretty good headway last week. However, I got knocked on my fanny Saturday by a stomach virus and still feel pretty rotten today -- remains of a headache and a real washed-out feeling. So I doubt I'll get anything accomplished today except maybe taking a shower, warming up some chicken noodle soup and piling up on the couch with a book.


Meljprincess said...

WTG Angel! :-)

My goal started Jan. 1 but I'm still on this infernal machine too long.

I want to make a collage with all my promo stuff. Bookmarks, Coverflats, Postcards, etc.

Kathy said...

Here's hoping you feel better real soon, PM!


Smarty Pants said...

I think a collage sounds neat, but I would probably turn it into this massive project to avoid writing. Funny how I can find so many reasons to not do the thing I love to do when I'm stuck.


Angel said...

Why is that? We love to write, but sometimes hate to write or just avoid writing. I know I begin to avoid it when I start having fears and worries--that I'll never be good enough, my stories aren't inventive enough, etc.