Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Here they are: The Covers

The Hooters Girl?

Harrison Ford & Chevy Chase's love child
(but oh lordy was this hero sexy in the book!)

The White Shoes Diary

Original Fall from Grace cover


Jennifer Y. said...

Okay, so the first three are kind do I say this politely...unfortunate? Truly they aren't that bad compared to some I have seen.

I like the last one a lot though.

I looked up the covers after reading the comments (before the pics were posted here) and must say all I noticed on one of them was those shoes...didn't even notice the title because the shoes grabbed my attention and wouldn't let it go...ugh.

I unfortunately didn't read the one with Harrison Ford and Chevy Chase's love child on it...was he a ballroom dancer? Kind of looks like he just stepped off the tv show "Dancing with the Stars?"

But as I mentioned, covers don't influence my purchases...and I have definitely seen worse covers than these.

Angel said...

Oh my! Who in the world picked out those shoes?!?!