Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chomping at the Bit

Well, we're back from vacation and back to real life. We've had several school projects to complete this week, I've had projects at work, year-end tax stuff... Life goes on. Right before we left I sent out two writing projects leaving me a bit at loose ends. I'm always writing or revising or plotting. I do have projects I could be working on (a new idea to flesh out, a new book to start, a book in rough draft to pull together) but I told myself that I'd take 3 or 4 weeks off, time to catch up on things I've been neglecting and time to spend with my kids and enjoy our vacation.

We enjoyed our vacation and now I'm ready to get started again. But I can't. I have so many things going on right now that I know if I start another writing project I'll neglect responsibilities that I shouldn't. It would be smarter to take the next week or so and whittle down my to do list so that when I do start I can concentrate fully. But the characters won't let me do that. I wake up thinking about the story. I daydream about the story when I should be working. These characters have been very patient, allowing me to push them aside while I was working on other books. I've been saying, "wait until after this book." Well, it's after this book and they're reminding me of that every day.

You know, the irony is that as soon as I give in and start working on this story they'll probably shut up and disappear. :-)

How do you deal with wanting to do one thing but needing to do another?


Don't forget, Lori Borill, debut Blaze author, will be guest blogging with us next Thursday the 1st. We're very excited to have her on the playground!!


Smarty Pants said...

I usually negotiate with myself. If I do X on my list, then I will allow myself to work on my outline. Then if I do X, then I can do my storyboard. Then X, I can research online. That way the dishes still get done and I can slowly start the process. Plus, I can think about the story while I clean or whatever.


Kathy said...

SP has a good point. Doing other things helps get the juices flowing. If you have an idea or a scene in your head playing out, get out your notebook and write it down. Or do like Angel does, speak it into a tape recorder. That way, when you're ready to get started you've not lost any ideas and have a starting point. Or if you do scenes out of sequence, you have a place to get to.

I keep walking by the ironing hanging in the utility room. I look at it, acknowledge it needs to be done, and pass by, thinking the whole time, it's got to be done. Oh, the pain. I hate to iron. Perhaps, I should take a much needed break and do it.



Instigator said...

Iron? What's that. I firmly live by the idea that anything wrinkled can be fixed by placing it in the drier with a damp towel for about 10 or 15 minutes. Works like a charm. I can't even tell you where my iron is... Of course I usually wear jeans and a sweater to work and DH burns holes in his clothes with acid and chemicals so we're not exactly worried about wrinkles anyway.


Playground Monitor said...

I wish I had this problem. The story I was working on has dried up. The people stopped talking. And there don't seem to be any characters taking their place.

However... I've been cleaning out my files and came upon a whole folder of ideas and blurbs and little bits of scenes that I'd forgotten I had. Perhaps the key is in that file.


Problem Child said...

DG does all the ironing around here...I haven't ironed in 11 years.

(And don't forget the wonders of Downy Wrinkle Release--who needs an iron?)

My characters are talking, but I'm having issues getting it on the page right. I can see it in my mind, hear it in my head, but the words to convey what I see and hear just aren't coming easily. Sigh.

Maybe a weekend with my CP will shake it loose!!

Angel said...

I like the negotiation technique, though I tend to have the opposite problem. I focus so much on whittling down my To Do List that the writing gets pushed to the side. So I work on it for a certain period of time before I get up and do dishes or vacuum. I don't always follow it, because sometimes the urge to just finish something is too strong. I can't always work in the clutter. But when I do follow the plan, it feels really good and I find that my life is more balanced.

Kathy said...

Speaking of balance, Angel. Some household balance has been restored. Drum roll, please. I've just cleaned 2 bathrooms!

On a side note, I'm still passing the ironing and giving it a smirk.


Anonymous said...

Do the one that really needs to be done first, then get around to the other when that really needs to be done. :)


Angel said...

Yes, Lois. I tend to work on the ASAP priority system. When it becomes necessary for something to be done, then it gets done. :)