Friday, January 12, 2007

She Who Hesitates Loses the Best Home Lot & Move in Specials

Well, all I can think to write is this - I bought a house tonight and I've got a cold. The cold has made it difficult for me to think of anything but those two things. My head is fuzzy. I'm going to write this and go back to bed and dream of new countertops and walk-in closets.

I know. You're thinking that I just posted a few weeks ago that I was ready to get a new house. I guess most people can spend weeks or months in this phase. Thinking, looking, comparing. Those people aren't as anal or as web savvy as myself. Over the last month, I've poured over floorplans, toured houses, looked online at the Better Business Bureau, got preapproved from my mortgage company... I went back to the first neighborhood I looked at, narrowed it down to two floorplans, then let DB look at them. After a couple rounds of discussions, I opted to buy the smaller of the two houses (so I could afford to buy furniture and, you They were having a great promotion, so I made an appointment with the lady there and boom...bought a house. I've got an appointment in two weeks to pick faucets and lights and carpet or whatever, then they start building. By Nationals, or even by the Playground trip to Scotland, I should be in my brand new 2300 square foot house!

All these decisions were made as I ignored my writing career this last week or so. Can't sell a book? Get rejected? Distract yourself with blueprints and fabric swatches. Works wonders, although a tad expensive. I also spent last Saturday with the Playfriends and Counselor Shelley, drowning my sorrows in chick flicks, buttered popcorn and strawberry cheesecake ice cream. After disclosing that tidbit, we won't discuss how I haven't been to the gym in over a month. Losing 30 lbs was not on my New Year's Resolutions list, although it should've been. I'm sure the stress of selling my house and moving into the new one will either cause me to gain or lose 15 pounds. I could go either way. Let's hope its down.

I know a lot of us douse our sorrows with shopping and Ben & Jerry's. I've got several faboo pairs of shoes from slight bouts of depression and a pint of B&J Cherry Garcia or Oatmeal Cookiehas certainly been known to perk me up. (Until I read the nutritional info on the side of the carton, of course.)

What was your last great 'shop until I feel better' purchase? Not everyone buys houses, of course, but shoes? A new purse? Redecorate your guest room? If not shopping, what's your favorite indulgent food?



Playground Monitor said...

Don't tell, but I slipped a few personal items in with the Christmas shopping budget -- new undies, a new purse and some candles and stuff. I hit the sales earlier this week and bought a few new clothes.

But... I have 10 crisp $100 bills just waiting til my decorator comes over next Wednesday to start decorating my office. Bye-bye tacky old curtains. So long crappy bookcase. Hello futon and new curtains! My goal is to have a creative sanctuary that will double as a second guest room. I can't wait!

Oh... and I bought valances for the kitchen windows the day after New Years. I've been eyeing them for almost 2 years now and when I saw they were "Buy One Get One Free" I decided to stop waffling and get them. Now to find a decorative rod I like and get them up.

Good luck with the house SP. Picking out can be fun. And we expect a great housewarming party too. *g*


Angel said...

Unfortunately, I've been known to purchase food for comfort on a regular basis. :( The latest was yesterday, when a box of chocolate chip cookies ended up in the buggy with my sinus infection meds.

Gotta stop that, huh?

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm trying to give up food comfort and go strictly with shoes. As long as I can keep up with the required closet space, it should be healthier for me. Right?

Earlier this week I found a fabulous pair of Donald J Pliner shoes on sale. Clearance, actually. Is ther anything better than going to Parisian and seeing that long, overloaded table of clearance shoes? No, there is not.

Congrats on the house! (tearing herself away from the discussion of shoes ...)


Rhonda said...

SP, congrats on your house!!! I have space envy!

As for comfort food, I am trying very hard to avoid food comfort. I think I mentioned here that I'd gained back five of the pounds I'd lost, but have managed to carve three of those off, so I am feeling much better about myself.

That said, there's nothing more comforting to me than a warm oatmeal raisin cookie. I am the only person in the house who likes them, which guarantees that I will get to eat them all. I am stoicly avoiding the refrigerated cookie section of the grocery store.

We'll see... :-)

Kathy said...

Congratulations on buying a new house, SP! You'll have so much fun decorating. But you haven't mentioned what you're planning on doing with the one you've got yet.

Indulgences? I'll sit and watch my favorite movie when I'm down or sick. A fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies seems to do the trick. Wearing my Dad's old sweater, reading an old favorite, and gardening never fail to brush aside the bums. A phone call to Mom, a hug from the kids, cuddling with a cat, beginning a new project, and doing something for someone else always gives me a boost.

Who can resist shopping? A trip to the mall is a quick pick-me-up. Also, smile over and over again. Before you know what's happening, you'll actually start to feel like you want to.


Jen said...

SP, congrats! As long as you don't make house-buying a regular comfort buy...:))

Smarty Pants said...

No, I can't afford to make it a routine. I was working on picking a house before the R, it just cleared my mental calendar to dedicate myself to making a decison. :)

Warm oatmeal cookies...mmm...

Meljprincess said...

I recently purchased a new pair of Doc Marten boots.

Favorite indulgent food? Oh lordy..I'm eating Carmello bars daily. lol!

Problem Child said...

My pick me up is always a pedicure, followed by something good to eat :-)

Anonymous said...

I have no way of doing that, but any reason for me to go into a bookstore or Best Buy, okay! :)

Chocolate's always good! :)

Lois, who doesn't understand the whole shoe thing -- I just have one pair of black books and two pairs of sneakers. . . maybe it's because I'm a size 11, and I rarely could ever find anything for me to begin with. . . :)

Smarty Pants said...

Oh, Lois...I understand. I too have size 11 feet. But then I found Go there. You'll be impressed. You'll also be broke when you're done.


Kathy said...

Lois, I wear size 11, too! You're in good company. And SP is right, go to Zappos. You'll find everything you ever wanted in a shoe there. I've ordered from them and I don't know about SP, but the shoes were true to size. And they often have good sales plus free shipping.


Teresa said...

Something I usually do for a good pick me up is get me a big bowl of ice cream and either watch a good movie on dvd or indulge myself in a good book! Congratulations on the house!

Roberta said...

A house? Congrats. Wowie, makes me tired just thinking about moving!

Here's an idea! Write it up for:

Deadline for the book project is Feb. 28.

(It's not my project. I'm just one of the writers who submitted!)

Maven Linda Howard said...

Oh, man, a house! I love building houses. For me, it ranks pretty close to the creativity needed to write a book. If I weren't a writer, I'd build houses for a living.

A feel good purchase? Could it be . . . SHOES? Almost any occasion calls for a new pair of shoes. Heck, getting up in the morning calls for a new pair of shoes. I consider myself really disciplined because I'm good at getting rid of shoes I don't wear, to make room for the new ones. That way my shoe shelves never get completely full.

SP -- what else do you get to customize, besides faucets and carpet and cabinet handles?

From an old pro, a couple of tips: don't get door knobs. Get the door levers. They are much, much more practical, because if your hands are full you don't have to get one free to turn a knob, you can just press down on the lever with your elbow.

If at all possible, and it might not be, specify that you want six-inch outside walls instead of four-inch. In one year, you'll save enough on your heating and air conditioning bills to pay for the extra cost of the lumber.

And when it comes to buying furniture, bite the bullet and go to NC to the furniture manufacturers. Right off the bat, everything you buy is half price. You just have to pick it out three months before you think you'll actually need it.

Pat said...

I just bought a new desk with money I recd for Christmas. It comes next weekend.

I recd lots of gift certifs and bought several of my fav bras at Macy's for each 2 bought got one free in store and one in the mail. So I got 8 bras for the price of 4. Also bought a sterling silver necklace, 3 boxes of really good dark chocolate, some baby shower and birthday gifts and some odds and ends.

Still have some other gifts certifs left including one to Cheesecake Factory. I just love their cheesecake and my other indulgence is Carvel Hot Fudge Sundaes.

Had Borders and B&N Gift Certifs also, so bought LOTS of books!